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Highest rank acheived

Highest Rank Achieved
Rank Bot Name Date
2k CrazyStone 2007-4-1 [ext] link
1k CrazyStone 2008-2-1 [ext] link
1d Zen19 2009-3-1 [ext] link
2d Zen19 2009-6-1 [ext] link
3d Zen19 2010-8-1 [ext] link
4d Zen19 2010-12-1 [ext] link
5d Zen19D 2011-5-1 [ext] link
6d Zen19D 2012-3-1 [ext] link
7d Zen19X 2016-1-29 [ext] link
8d Zen19A 2016-6-19 [ext] link
9d Zen19K2 2016-9-11 [ext] link

Historical KGS Ratings of a few bots

Here is a table of a few KGS bots and when they achieved a rating and held it for at least 20 rated games in a row[1]:

Historical bot rankings
date AlphaGo Aya GoBeta? CS DarkF GI Hira ManyF Pachi Zen Overall
2016 NA [ext] 6d [ext] 7d [ext] 7d [ext] 6d [ext] 5d [ext] 4d [ext] 7d [ext] 8d [ext] 9d 9d
2015 [ext] 5d
2014 [ext] 6d [ext] 1d
2013 [ext] 3d
2012 [ext] 5d [ext] 4d [ext] 3d [ext] 4d [ext] 6d 6d
2011 [ext] 5d [ext] 2d [ext] 5d 5d
2010 2d 2d [ext] 4d [ext] 3d 4d
2009 1k 1d 4k 2d 2d
2008 3k 1k 1k
2007 2k 2k
Historical bot rankings
date CS MoGo Leela Aya ManyF Fuego GNU Valk Zen Pachi Erica GI Overall
2016-11 [ext] 5d
2016-08 [ext] 4d
2016-05 [ext] 7d [ext] 3d 4d 2d 2d [ext] 8d 2d 5d 8d
2014-03 [ext] 6d
2013-09 [ext] 3d
2012-12 [ext] 3d
2012-03 [ext] 6d [ext] 4d [ext] 5d 6d
2012-02 [ext] 4d
2011-08 [ext] 2d
2011-05 [ext] 5d
2011-04 [ext] 5d 5d
2011-02 2k
2011-01 [ext] 3d
2010-12 [ext] 4d [ext] 1d 4d
2010-11 2d
2010-09 2d
2010-08 3d 3d
2010-04 3k
2010-01 1d
2009-11 4k
2009-10 1d 5k
2009-06 1k 1k 2d 2d
2009-04 2k 4k
2009-03 1d 1d
2008-10 2k 5k
2008-09 1k 1k 2k 5k 6k
2008-08 2k 6k
2008-06 4k
2008-04 3k
2008-03 3k
2008-02 1k 1k
2008-01 4k
2007-12 6k
2007-08 2k
2007-04 2k 2k

[ext] CS = CrazyStone

[ext] MoGo

[ext] Leela

[ext] Aya = AyaMC4

[ext] ManyF = Many Faces of Go 1. Also active is [ext] ManyFaces on weaker hardware.

[ext] Fuego

GNU Go: There are many GNU Go bots on KGS. Look on the page KGSBots!

[ext] Valk = Valkyria

[ext] Zen

[ext] Pachi ([ext] pachi2 in 2011)

[ext] Erica

Current KGS Bot Ratings

Current KGS Bot Ratings
Name Rating Time Hardware
Zen19D 6d 0+9x:15 a mini-cluster of 5 pcs (a dual 6-core Xeon X5680/4 GHz, a 6-core Xeon W3680/4 GHz, two 4-core i7 920/3.2 GHz, and a 4-core Core2Quad?/3 GHz) connected via a GbE LAN
CrazyStone 5d 0+9x:15 24-core PC
Zen19S 5d 20+5x:30 a mini-cluster of 5 pcs (a dual 6-core Xeon X5680/4 GHz, a 6-core Xeon W3680/4 GHz, two 4-core i7 920/3.2 GHz, and a 4-core Core2Quad?/3 GHz) connected via a GbE LAN
Zen19 5d 3+5x:15 Mac Pro 8 core, Xeon 2.26GHz
GinseiIgo 5d 0+5x:15 ?
Zen19N 4d 20+5x:30 Mac Pro 8 core, Xeon 2.26GHz
pachi2 4d 0+5x:15 ? yoyoma I think it runs a very large cluster of machines connected by 1Gb ethernet
EricaBot? 3d 0+5x:20 ?
ManyFaces 3d 0+9x:15 2.3 MHz Core 2 Quad (two or four cores)
pachi30s 2d 30+5x:30 ?

Zen and CrazyStone are now strong enough to make it onto the [ext] KGS top 100 leaderboard! Zen19A premiered at position 14 near the top of the 8-dans.


Mschribr - It would be great if we can add a graph of the Historical Bot Rankings chart. How do I add a graph? March 16, 2012 04:45

yoyoma - You would have to make one, save the image on the internet somewhere, and link to it from here.


GoRoGoRo - Missed the game info for Zen19S. In July Zen19S scored second place in both these 21x21 tournaments: [ext] [ext] -- Rainer Rosenthal, July 22, 2011


What are the time limits used in these games? -- Mark Schreiber, June 12, 2011

yoyoma - Most of the highest rated bots use fast time settings, Zen19D 5d uses 9x:15s overtimes. Typically they lose about 1 stone when using more normal times such as 20+5x:30.

Is 9x15s close to 20+5x:30? Is there a standard time used in amateur tournaments? mschribr 14/6/2011 21:52

yoyoma - Eh? Not close. 9x:15s is considered blitz or almost blitz. 20+5x:30 is close to what KGS calls "medium". Many small tournament would typically be a little longer, maybe 45+5x:30, maybe longer for a serious tournament. But for the purpose of this page, 20+5x:30 is about as slow as you will typically get on KGS.

Does KGS give a rating for each different time limit? Are the fastest games on KGS typically 9x:15s? mschribr 15/6/2011 12:26

yoyoma - Only one rating per account. That's why many bot owners make different accounts for different time limits. Many people play with :10s byoyomi. The fastest KGS allows for rated is 1:47 + :06s byoyomi.

Do we know which programs use slower time limits? Can we add the information on slower time limits to this programs in the table? mschribr 17/6/2011 19:26

Thanks for adding the table “Current KGS Bot Ratings”. Maybe we should split the top table, “Historical KGS Ratings of a few bots”, into 2 tables. 1 table for computers that play at 20+5x:30 or slower. A 2nd table for computers that play faster than 20+5x:30. mschribr 1/7/2011 12:46

[172] - It's clear that the intention of the first table is to record the highest rank ever achieved, but is this the intention of the second table, as well? If so, we should re-label it: "current ranking" is unambiguous.

mschribr - Are Zen19qq and Zen19bs versions of Zen? Should we add Zen19qq and Zen19bs to the charts? Zen19qq is in the top 100 kgs players. Zen19bs was a kgs 6 dan since August 2011. August 25, 2013

mschribr - I see Zen19qq and Zen19bs are not computers. September 17, 2013

hogweed: Note that you can see a robot icon for computer players on KGS, if it is not there, the account is not connecting via KGS-GTP protocol.
mschribr: Where on KGS are these robot icons for computer players? September 21, 2013
hogweed: Do you actually log into KGS? If so, you should see a monitor icon beside the name of a robot player. See the KGS Help pages for more details.
mschribr: I see a robot icon when I am looking at the game board or challenge a player.

mschribr? - It seems programs have not improved in 1 and half years. Is this true? Or is it because the programs are not playing on KGS? 14-Oct-15 18:23:26


[1] For this table to get a rating R, the bot must have a solid rating of R or better for 20 rated games in a row. If the bot gets a ?-mark the count is reset. As of 2008-7, CS and mogo have both been 1d for a few games, but couldn't hold it. Leela has been 2k for a few games.

In 2011-04, bonobot aka CrazyStone reached solid 5d and held it for a short time. It quit playing games and it's rating drifted down to 4d. The same bot came back on the CrazyStone account and is holding a 4d rating as of 2011-05.

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