And here comes another misguided effort

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Hopeless. The Go bot living up to its name

[ext] (exe plus source code, version from 09.09.2011)


Hopeless is based on a simple random moving engine called Brown, written by Gunnar Farnebäck and released March 28th 2004. At the moment of Hopeless release, it is available at [ext] To contact the author of Brown, please mail

The files gtp.c and gtp.h are taken from GNU Go and are copyright the Free Software Foundation.


Hopeless is a funny hybrid between Monte Carlo and selective alpha-beta. Simulations are used both to order moves and to evaluate leaf positions. The big idea behind this design is to eventually be able to get to search depth 6 and start implementing techniques typical for a chess program. It's hard to reach, as currently Hopeless analyzes about 8 search nodes per second on a 9x9 board (executing >500.000 simulation moves in the process).

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