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List your requests for changes of page names here (a librarian or admin usually will do the renaming within a day).

Anyone can set his own level to experienced deshi in the user preferences and then add spaces, hyphens, commas or any punctuation mark which is accepted by the engine (i.e. rename "LibertyTacticalSense" to "Liberty (tactical sense)".

Changes which affect the JoinCapitalizedWords spelling, however, can only be done by librarians, an access level given by the admins.

Page name changes can be subject to discussion. Preferably have these discussions at their talk or discussion page.

The following changes are also considered page renamings, and hence can be done by librarians:

  • Turning a normal page into a subpage, e.g. from Foo to Bar / Baz.
  • Turning a subpage into a normal page, e.g. from Bar / Baz to Foo.
  • Renaming a subpage of a page, e.g. from Foo / Bar to Foo / Baz.
  • Turning a subpage of a page into a subpage of another page, e.g. from Foo / Bar to Alpha / Beta.

Current Requests

Requests Log

2020-10-14 SAlexander: I suggest changing Computer Go UEC Cup page from "UEC Cup" to full "Computer Go UEC Cup" because it's nicer to have "official" name of the tournament.

2020-04-17 ChrisBandy: Forgive me for posting this here. I will move it once I know where it needs to go. Where can I request that green and red stones be displayable in the diagrams? I just played a four-player game of Go and would love to be able to add the endgame diagram to Multi-Color Go. tapir: Your best bet is a workaround with markings in the existing diagrams or save a diagram as picture and edit it to feat. four colours. As is done with the diagram in Multi-Color Go. Waiting for a new SL feature for the sole purpose of niche variants is futile.

2020-04-15 ChrisBandy: change Chris Bandy's Definition of Immortality to Testing for Unconditional Life? or whatever you think is more applicable. Dieter: not for now.

2019-01-21 Robert Pauli: Cycle Law is much too general. Please rename it Cycle Balance Law?. I hope Robert Jasiek agrees. Dieter: not for now. Robert Jasiek: disagree.

2018.06.11. Anonymous: Change request: Showa to ShowaPeriod?; Taisho to TaishoPeriod?; Meiji to MeijiPeriod?. Dieter: I did the reverse and renamed Reiwa and Heisei, removing period.

2018.03.08. Malcolm: Better late than never (?) I request the following change: L'ame du go → L'me du go as it seems the correct French spelling has the circumflex accent.

Patrick Traill: Obviously correct, perhaps even better with a real apostrophe: [Lme du go] rather than L'ame du go. PeterHB: I tried the rename, but failed with an error about 'illegal character' for . I haven't been able to find the criteria for page naming, but it is clearly a restriction to enable smooth operation of some underlying part of the computer system, such as file systems and databases.

Malcolm: @PeterHB Most file systems allow this character. It shouldn't be a problem at the database level either. It sounds like there is a check in the SL php code that's not letting it go through. So I reckon this would need Arno Hollosi's attention, but he probably has other more important things to do! @PJTraill: In general I also prefer the curly apostrophe, but as it's not used anywhere else in SL (AFAIK) I don't think it's worth it in this case.

Patrick Traill: Thanks re , fair enough, and good luck with in due course.

tapir: The software doesn't support it. We use alternate spelling for German names (ue for ) as well. Can someone please look into the old request from 2016 below. (I argued against it, but that alone should not decide.)

2016.05.09. Tokumoto: Hi, following the discussion on Coffee Machine in April, 2016, I'd appreciate the following changes be made as a set:

1. Yi Se-tol article to be renamed to "Lee Sedol".
2. Lee Sedol alias page to be renamed "Yi Se-tol" and changed to redirect to "Lee Sedol".
3. Kim Myeong-wan article to be renamed to "Kim Myungwan".
4. Kim Myungwan alias page to be renamed "Kim Myeong-wan" and changed to redirect to "Kim Myungwan".
5. Korean Name Romanization DRAFT renamed to "Korean Name Romanization".
The above #5 article is intended to be used as a reference for the changes in respective forums.

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