Page name change requests

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List your requests for changes of page names here (a librarian or admin usually will do the renaming within a day).

Anyone can set his own level to experienced deshi in the user preferences and then add spaces, hyphens, commas or any punctuation mark which is accepted by the engine (i.e. rename "LibertyTacticalSense" to "Liberty (tactical sense)".

Changes which affect the JoinCapitalizedWords spelling, however, can only be done by librarians, an access level given by the admins.

Page name changes can be subject to discussion. Preferably have these discussions at their talk or discussion page.

The following changes are also considered page renamings, and hence can be done by librarians:

  • Turning a normal page into a subpage, e.g. from Foo to Bar / Baz.
  • Turning a subpage into a normal page, e.g. from Bar / Baz to Foo.
  • Renaming a subpage of a page, e.g. from Foo / Bar to Foo / Baz.
  • Turning a subpage of a page into a subpage of another page, e.g. from Foo / Bar to Alpha / Beta.

New Requests

BQM77 -> 3-4 point, high approach, inside contact, pull back -- This is common enough in professional play that I wouldn't consider it to be a BQM. It's a legitimate move that typically transposes to the large avalanche.

AI Sensei -> Commercial Websites for AI reviews? -- The original page was more or less an advertisement for AI Sensei. This is just one of the websites that offer this. The page title should be more neutral and should aim to cover all the competing offerings, not just one.

bugcat: AI Sensei has an article. ZBaduk has an article. Yet for some reason, information about ZBaduk is in the AI Sensei article. That's the issue, no? The ZBaduk content should be moved to the ZBaduk article. Neither page needs to be renamed. If you'd like a "Commercial Websites for AI reviews" article to be made, make it.

Denied requests Log

KGS Events --> KGS events of late 2011

tapir: I won't rename the page. Removed the old events though.

bugcat: I don't believe anyone is ever going to fill that page again. If you remove the old events then you might as well delete the article.

tapir: Don't think we should have long pages just for the sake of it.

2020-04-15 ChrisBandy: change Chris Bandy's Definition of Immortality to Testing for Unconditional Life? or whatever you think is more applicable. Dieter: not for now.

2019-01-21 Robert Pauli: Cycle Law is much too general. Please rename it Cycle Balance Law?. I hope Robert Jasiek agrees. Dieter: not for now. Robert Jasiek: disagree.

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