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Nothing here yet, but I'm about to start a research paper/project on computer go for my Thesis. Gonna put random thoughts down here later.


Jan: What will your thesis be about? Or is that unclear as well?

BlueWyvern: Not entirely sure yet. Phase One will be plowing through the heap of papers written on the subject. :-) I was hoping to come up with a more intelligent way of looking at the board, maybe using computer vision or something.

Okay, so actually I know know what I'm going to do my research on. I'm going to take a crack at fuseki theory and computers. I figure this is a good area to work on, as it is the least conducive to mathematical go playing. If you'd like to help out, please visit Blue Wyverns/Research Games. Also, if you have any thoughts feel free to dump them here.

Gorobei: I've got many thoughts (GorobeisGoProgram/Introduction,) just none very good yet.

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