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General Info

Name: Kim
Email: gophantom(at)
Local Club: The Pittsburgh Go Association
Favorite Servers: KGS and DGS (where I play as phantom)

Go Playing Chronology

I first discovered go during my freshman year of college (in 2000). I was looking at the various games on Yahoo, and I wondered aloud why anyone would call a game "go". Fortunately, I happened to make my comment in the presence of a girl who had been in a go club in high school. After explaining that the name "go" came from the Japanese name of the game, she taught me the rules and we played a few games of capture go. We both become too busy with school work to play after that, but Iím glad she was able to teach me the basics.

I played on and off through out college spurred on by discoveries like other go servers, the challenge of computer go programming, and Hikaru No Go. Eventually, I became completely addicted to the game and began to play regularly and take improving seriously.

Nowadays, I play as often as time permits, attending local club meetings once a week and squeezing in an online game from time to time. But, I do much more studying than actual playing, reading go books and solving go problems in my free time.

My favorite thing about go is that thereís always something new to learn. Although other commitments occasionally get in the way of playing, I think go is a hobby that Iíll have for life.

Go Merchandise

In addition to playing and studying go, I also love creating go related items. I have a pillow that I can play go on and a tire cover with the kanji for go on my Jeep, both of which I've used as pictures in my KGS profile. If it didn't take so much time, I would make go pillows to sell on a regular basis.

Luckily, I discovered an easy way to make and sell go related merchandise, such as shirts, bags, and bumper stickers. Visit [ext] Phantom's Go Shop to see what I've made so far.

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