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This page is about getting a page of Senseiís Library translated into another language using various tools; for conventions around contributing to Senseiís in other languages see links(?) at languages and/or how to use wiki.

You don't get a translation ready for print (or school :-) ) - it will be a rough translation.

The 'easiest' way:

A way to do this is with a [ext] bookmarklet (is a little JavaScript, called with a bookmark) (description in German on the [ext]

javascript: void(''+escape(location.href) + '&hl=de'))

You can edit the script: the end of the script is

+ '&hl=de'))

Replace de by ja or fr and the page is translated to Japanese or French. Play a bit around with it and you find, what is all possible.
A bit shorter is this script:

javascript:location='' + encodeURIComponent(location);

but it opens the translation in the same tab (or window) and it translates to your browser's first language. If you prefer to have the translation from japanese or chinese to english, you need to make a change to the script:

javascript:location='' + encodeURIComponent(location) + '&hl=en';

I've tested these bookmarklets with Firefox. When you use IE, you need to try a bit by changing the code. When you enter this code in IE's favorite, IE complains about the protocol: click yes, make change%%% Note: for the google result around 160kby slip through your line (just in case, you use a modem connection)

Other ways to have a translation are more complicated:

Another way is, to type the desired adress into the seach line of google[4] and hope that it is between the search results (works most times). Then go on with step 4) below.

A more complicated trick to get Sensei's pages (or nearly any english pages) to your language (or to other languages)
1) Copy a typical phrase [2] from the desired page, e.g.

See Kawabatas Master Of Go for an instance where this caused some controversy

2) Call Google in your browser and insert this phrase into the search line, add a double quote ("text") on both sides of the phrase and let google search.
3) The seach results (sometimes only one) will most probably contain the desired page (here Sensei's Library: Sealed Move)
4) Chose the link Translate this page (opens a new window or tab)
5) Now you can follow the links on that page: they are also translated [3]. When one link doesn't translate - go back and chose another.
6) When you have a script blocker (e.g. noscript for Firefox):
The pages have a view source tool built in (many bytes), which needs JavaScript. The allow/deny scrips list shows:

Allow (A [ext] 'whois' search shows: it's google) makes the view source tool show the original text of the page: just hover your mouse pointer over a text and a bubble pops up, showing the original text of the actual sentence.
This is good, as the translation is sometimes really rough and it's good to see the original words.
Blocking scripts will not block the many bytes from slipping through your line.
7) Examples
Translate the page:
[ext] Sensei's start page in google

Tricks and Workarounds

[1] If you want to translate a non English page to English (google doesn't translate directly from e.g. Japanese to German, but makes a detour over english):
Type in the phrase or adress and let google search. The link, which calls the result, looks similar to:
                    insert or replace to hl=en& (which means HomeLanguage ...)

Note: This way (copy phrase and paste in google) you can also translate Japanese, Korean and Chinese pages to English%%% Example: [ext] the Nihon Ki-in start page in google
If this doesn't work: --> #6
[2] This trick doesn't work with every phrase, so when the desired phrase cannot be found, try another phrase or a phrase of another page of the desired site.
[3] The translation follows also links to external pages, e.g. from Sensei's to AGA etc. and sometimes also to pages written in another language.
[4] I tried a translation with yahoo and it was much more funny (!), but has no view source tool and the language on linked pages are only translated, if they are of the same language.
[5] Bytes: with google and Sensei's start page around 160 kbytes slip through your line (90kbytes JScript), with yahoo and same page only 70 kbytes.
[6] Switch your browser's language to English (settings), if it isn't already. This affects only the preferred pages' language, not the menus:
IE: Internet Settings - Common - Languages - Add ... english (en) and let English be on the top of the list.
Firefox: (menu Edit or Extras) - Settings - Advanced - Languages - Chose - Chose a Language ... (long button) - english (en) - Add (button) - and let English be on the top of the list.
Opera: Extras - Settings - Language - chose English (en)

hth RueLue

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