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Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, is there any way to only view minor edits in RecentChanges?

A: Yes. Create a filter with "m:1". As this is a filter, you have to use an RC setting (RC1 .. RC4) with minoredits set to "all pages". Otherwise you will not see all minor edits. Even with the filter set to m:1 you will sometimes see major edits. These edits appear, because the author made several sequential edits and at least one of them was a minor edit.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, is it possible to get a single page listing of all pages here?

(Yes, I know it would be very long.)

A: It would be a very simple SQL query but is not directly available on SL - it would list (April 2006) almost 13000 pages. If your screen has 80 rows (typical) that is 163 pages...

It is probably more useful to use the Advanced Search Page under the 'Tools' dropdown menu. (No, you cannot search for "*"... :-)

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, how do I get a page to open in a new window when a link is clicked?

A: This is not so much a Wiki feature but a browser feature. You can typically right click on the link and select the "Open in New Window" or similar option.


Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, how do I display the source of markup tags?

I want to describe how to create a wiki TOC. How do I write the TOC tag so that SL will display the actual tag rather than the TOC it represents?

A: Either use spaces like "% % TOC % %" or use some markup like %%TOC%% or some "invisible markup" like %%TOC%% (you need to see the source to see how it's done). Works for other tokens as well.

(As you may have noticed, prefixing “!”, as in “!%%TOC%%” does not help.)

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, is there a way to define what is listed in the TOC?

A: No, you cannot define what's listed in TOC.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, is it possible to change the color of the text in Wiki?

A: No.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, how do I edit the footer?.

I want to say “last Edited by Geoff Kaniuk” for example.

A: Go to user preferences, and create a new account. Then you will have to be logged in so that your changes will be in your name.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, can I mark black and white stones with letters? If not, can this feature be added?

from jfc

A: No. It's unlikely to be added as it would require two letters: one for the stone, one for the letter and that would violate the one character per diagram point rule.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, is there a markup trick for making text appear below a diagram without using repeated %%%'s?

A: Yes, read the manual! %%%% does the trick!

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, can I develop notation to generate page content from queries?

I notice that on MostPopular, a notation (%%Mostpopular%%) creates the content on the page. I also have found similar notation at DistanceFromFrontPage. How can I develop similar notation to put on my page?

A: You can't. These functions are hard-coded into the GoWiki engine. Only strange creatures can create new notations.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, I don't understand how to get spaces into the titles of pages.

FiveHundredAndOneTesujiProblems/Errata shows a title of 'FiveHundredAndOneTesujiProblems/Errata' i.e. no spaces in the title.

MakingGoodShape shows a title of 'Making Good Shape'.

How are the spaces added?

A: You have to be an SL deshi to adjust the page title. Go to UserPreferences and set your status there. Then a box will appear below the text edit field where you can adjust spaces and punctuation.

Normally, a link is created by PuttingWordsTogetherLikeThis (otherwise known as CamelCase). If you want to use spaces in both the link as it appears and, in the case of a new page, in the title thus created, use square brackets around the string instead, e.g. :[Several words inside square brackets who then no longer need to be capitalised either]

For more details, on the "Sensei's Library" dropdown menu, go to "Help" or "Text formatting", which will take you to How to use Wiki and Text formatting rules respectively.

Page Management

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, how do I set up a home page.

I.e., on what page do I put the link to the new home page?

A: You can start in the Sandbox, for example. Go to the sandbox and edit that page. Just put the name of your page there inside square brackets or as CamelCase, check the minor edit box, and save the edit. When you look at the edited sandbox page the name of your page will appear with a question mark. Click on the question mark and you will be able to create your page.

You should set the PageType to 'HomePage'. The PageType is set in a drop-down listbox to the right of the main edit box when you are editing the page. Your page will then appear on the auto-generated list on the HomePages page.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, how can I restore a page to a previous version?

(As an "experienced deshi", as set in user preferences.)

(E.g., after making changes he later regretted.) And why is it so hard to find the answer to this question in the existing documentation? Later... OK, I am an "experienced deshi", so why I don't see a "Revive" button when I edit a page?

A: There is no button. It is a link below the text edit box. It got renamed to "Undo edit from previous author".

As to why it is so hard to find, you can improve the documentation yourself! But this one has already been added this to How to Use Wiki, under “How to manage pages”: it now lists “Reverting edits”.

Q: OK, thanks, but how I can "undo my own previous (mistaken) edit"? I tried the above link, and it didn't work.

Q: Dear Mr Wiki Wizard, how to best deal with wiki vandal who make stupid ads, change user preferences pages etc?

A: There is some discussion of this at WikiVandal. The main defense is the eyes and actions of people with good intentions. If you see spamming, revive the previous version of the page and include the word spam in the edit summary line. You have to be an SL deshi to revive the previous page state. Award yourself the wiki experience level of SL deshi at user preferences.

Librarians generally read every edit summary line in recent changes. So making an edit with no body text changes, just edit summary line text alerting people to vandal or spam activity would be useful. This might be helpful when page discussion threads are vandalized.

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