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KGS and CGoban2 moved to /CGoban2

This page can be used to file bug reports about anything which is KGS related. Usually it will be the client. When filing bugs, please make sure that you include enough information so that it is possible to reproduce the bug. This is usually easiest if you explain step by step what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen.

Please do not post bugs here. Please email them to

As it sometimes takes time to kill the bugs, you can write about your work-arounds here: Cgoban problems and solutions.

General Info

The [ext] Jago bug report checklist is a useful guide for filing bug reports.

Version gathering tips

  • The CGoban3 version is displayed on the main six-button window. Also, please specify whether you are using the downloaded version or the Web Start version.
  • To find out which version of Java you are using, open an xterm, DOS, or other terminal window and type 'java -version' (without the quotes) and note the build version.
  • The versions of your major operating system components may be useful, eg XP Pro SP1, Slackware Linux 9.1 kernel 2.4.22 XFree 4.2.0 KDE 3.2.

To see fixed bugs go to /Fixed.

Please, do not enter wishes here. Instead go to KGS Wishlist.

If anyone has an idea how to put order into this page, it would be appreciated :)

e.g. if someone knows, that a described bug is already fixed, he/she writes 'fixed' in bold
letters before the first sentence (or after the last comment for this bug); maybe with a
hint to the changelog. -- RueLue

Editorial question

wms: Should I remove things that simply are not bugs from this page? There are a bunch. In the wishlist, I never remove things no matter what I think of them, but here maybe I should?

Cheyenne: If the bug has been fixed and is not likely to be seen again, it should be okay to remove the bug report. May want to have a section for "Bugs currently known" and a section "Working as designed" for those things that are commonly reported as a bug

wms: OK, it's been 24 hours. Here I go. :-) I removed all non-bugs, all bugs I fixed, and bugs that I'm fairly sure are caused by a user's particular system. Some of the bugs removed are not yet in any release, but I'm taking them out anyway.

blubb: Is this referred to as the latter ones will be fixed in future, anyway? It feels somewhat confusing to know of bugs being mentioned neither here nor at /Fixed, although still appearing. Supposedly, you don't want us to report them again?

wms: Yes, I probably should have put them in the "fixed" file. Sorry. If you know a bug was here before, please do not re-file, either I don't consider it a bug (in which case it belongs in the wishlist) or else I have already fixed it.

KGS and CGoban3

glue: Please, to report bugs or for questions, email the admin box

Cgoban 3.3.9


  • Can't Start
    • I tried to start CGoBan today and got this error instead. I'm not sure where it comes from, I haven't changed or reconfigured (or re-installed or un-installed) anything on this system, and CGoBan was working fine just yesterday.

(The system cannot find the file specified)

at Method)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at  com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDescFactory.buildDescriptor(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source)
at Source)
  • Clock Display
    • (...Velobici wrote in another paragraph, concerning old server/client): 23 August 2005, W2k, Java 1.4.2_06-b03, CGoban2 2.6.12 While watching a game where one player has entered byo-yomi, using the left arrow button to back up one move, and then the right arrow button to return to the current move (no moves have been played in the meantime), the byo-yomi clock is reset to the beginning of the byo-yomi period. Example: If player A has entered a 30 second period and the clock has counted down somewhat, backing up one move and returning to the current move, resets player A's clock to 30 seconds of byo-yomi.
      • RueLue:This is still valid with CGoban 3.3.8 started from (...and vers.3.3.13 started with webstarter. RueLue)
  • display komi during setup of game
    • Jono: (client 3.3.2) Komi does not update when Rule Set is changed. This is just a problem in updating the "New Game" frame - the komi is changed once the game starts.
  • persitent challenge window
    • Neverhood?: (client 3.3.1) If I challenge a person who closes his "Create Game" window (maybe only during a net lag), challenge window doesn't disappear. I couldn't close it too (maybe only because I tried "ok" and typing chat messages).
  • feature , not a bug
    • vladdu?: (client 3.3.1) It is now possible to open unfinished games, even if the opponent isn't logged in.
    • I previously asked about this: wms told me that this change is deliberately. I don't know the exact reasons, but I think it's clear that both solutions (making this impossible/possible) has some advantages and disadvantages.
    • Ok, I understand. Maybe I missed it from the change log...
  • rengo
    • postglock: (3.3.1) In rengo, when reviewing previous moves in games that are currently being played, the title saying who played which move is odd. The colour listed is correct (e.g. "White to play"), but the username listed in parentheses is incorrect. This is fixed when reviewing games that have been completed.
  • Can open N demo, probably feature, not bug
    • stalkor: you can now make new demo games till you drop. you can always select a new game and play 2 games, ive opened 6 demo's at the same time without any problems.
    • Phelan: And why is that a bug?
      • stalkor: well if i open 100 demos in the egr, it should be slightly annoying wouldnt it? and i dont see why this option should be available
      • blubb: If you entered 100 lines in a row, that would be slightly annoying as well. However I suppose, you know what`s going to happen then. No need to try.
      • stalkor: i wonder if the server would be having a hard time if you create a demo, clone it then clone the clone etc 1 move would generate a lot of work for the server i guess
      • RueLue: easiest would be to let everyone open only (x) games/clones/demos at a time, depending on the server load (much traffic = less game windows) and then give a small message (e.g. 'dynamic limit of game windows' or similar)
  • Audio Teaching games.
    • in the conclusion of such games, when i exit the game, the last fragment of audio keeps playing in recursion. I have to exit CGoban entirely(even the start windows) to get rid of the recursive sound. which is probably why i think it's maybe java problem >_>;;;
  • not a bug
    • Mike Terry: (client 3.3.3) Since using the new client, my file association for SGF files no longer works. I am using Windows NT, and when I double click on saved SGF files they open in the old client v2.6.12. I expect them to open with the new client, as at some point I intend to delete the old version! The same propblem occurs when opening SGF files within Internet Explorer.
      • reconfigure your browser to use cgoban 3 and not cgoban2 ;)
    • Usagi: in 3.3.23, users can resign the game after two passes have been made (during scoring) but before both players click 'done'. In fact, they can resign even though one player has clicked 'done'. I feel this is technically a bug. Please remove this behavior.

Localization (DONE)

(Sebastian:) In German, "forfeited" is translated as "ungültig". This actually means "invalid", which confuses people when they're faced with escapers. A better translation would be "verwirkt". blubb: I agree.

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