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Author: Tim Kington
License: GNU/...?
Price: 3$(iOS), 0.75 (Android),...
... else none (sept'12)
Category: problems trainer
Operating system: Java, iOS, Android
Reads format(s): sgf, [1]
Writes format(s): [1]
Languages: English, de, ru,...
... fr, es, pt, cn, cz
Stable Version: 1.14 (1-'06, Java),...
... 1.1 (10-'10, iOS),...
... 1.5.2 (Android, 2-'17) ()
Development status: inactive (Java), ...
...active (Android)
Programming language: Java, ...?
[ext] timkington.tomcathostingservice.com ([ext] archived)
Size of installer: 4mby
Size if installed: 6mby-10mby-...
System needs: Java 1.4.2+/...
... iOS3+/Android 1.5+
Infos last checked:



GoGrinder is a program for practicing Go problems.

Table of contents


GoGrinder is available

  • for Computers with Java installed (desktop computers),
  • and for Android devices (Android marketplace, see in the links section).

GoGrinder uses problems in SGF format (1 problem per file!). 347 problems are included in the install, and thousands more are easily downloadable. GoGrinder can import the archived problems from goproblems.com, and sort them by type and difficulty (see docs for instructions). Converting problem books to SGF is an excellent source of material for GoGrinder. Recommended books include Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Get Strong at Go, and Mastering the Basics.

  • GoGrinder allows to open (by a button) an sgf file in an editor of your choice.
  • You can give tags to a problem (e.g. Ko, Joseki, Endgame,...)
  • You can set own tags to give to problems (e.g. "I don't see why",...)
  • GoGrinder can use most of the problem files of goproblems.com


  • [ext] MyGoGrinder: Development since 2014 under new name with another coder; current version (2018) 2.3.1 and a test version for 2.4.x


Version 1.14 (01/09/2006)

   New Features:
   *  New defaultLanguage option to force language
      selection (see Install.txt for details)
   *  Improved flipping and rotating of problems - now
      all possible orientations are used

Version 1.13 (11/25/2005)

   New Features:
   *  Handles L[] tags
   *  Updated Portuguese translation
   *  Added Czech translation

Version 1.12 (09/10/2005)

   New Features:
   *  Handles AB[aa:ac] tags
   *  Option to disable right-click advance

Version 1.11 (06/26/2005)

   New Features:
   *  Can open external SGF editor to edit current problem


  • disort.sh sorts problems from a goproblems.com sgf-archive into directories corresponding with the DI[...]-identifier (DIrected, for intended user strength). This gives directories 30k/, 25k/, 20k/, ... 1k/, ... 6d/. The script works in Linux and in Cygwin (Windows).
  • SortProblemsByRank does the same as above, but is a batch (or cmd) file for within a Windows command console.
  • GoGrinder / update-disorted.sh is a script similar to disort.sh, but it distributes also the corresponding .dat files (from GoGrinder's stats/ directory)
  • goproblemscom2gquiz.sh is a script, which sorts problems from a goproblems.com sgf-archive (or fetched from the gp-site pages) into directories corresponding with the DI[...]-identifier and GE[...]-identifier (GEnre). This gives directories 15k/tesuji/, ... 2k/joseki/, ...

Problems, Solutions

Filed under "Solutions": MyGoGrinder
A work with the code of GoGrinder is MyGoGrinder?, a collection of bug fixes, beautifying (and some nice new features). Oh! - Multi-user? - you can use a system variable to feed another profile. See [ext] MyGoGrinder's project page and [ext] MyGoGrinder's info pages

Version 2 (2.3.1 = bugfix, june '18) of MyGoGrinder is online! There is a [ext] list of all changes. [ext] MyGoGrinder 2.4.0 is on the way (currently, 2-'19, beta502). RueLue

"Error parsing SGF file, skipping..." [solved]
MichaelLesniak: At first I'd like to thank you for this great piece of software. But I have a small problem unsure how to solve: I downloaded problems from goproblems.com using the Goproblemscom2gquizSh - script and with some of the problems I get the error message

Error parsing SGF file, skipping problem
File: ....
illegal start of token string:) in )

Any idea how to solve this issues?

RueLue: Just remove the affected file(s) from the collection. If it's only one or some files - repair them, but if it is the goproblems.com-collection... just remove the files. There are really many.

RueLue: 2.4.0-beta502: defect and unusable files are now (2-'19) automaticly renamed, so MyGoGrinder doesn't see them anymore. Settings let you order to move those files away from the problems directory.

How to convert the books into SGF [solved]
tannguyen8 Could any one tell me how to convert the books into SGF format and put it in Go Grinder?

Velobici: Yes, see the section Wildclaw's Recommendation on Creating SGF Problem Collections on my home page.

Split an sgf collection seems to fail [solved]
RichardHunter: I had trouble using GoGrinder 1.14 on the Macintosh, but I found the solution. Trying to split an sgf collection seems to fail. There is an unintuitive trick to it.

Problem: You want to split an sgf collection file. Use the Split File icon to select the file. This seems to work. You are asked for the destination folder. Whatever you select, you get the Error Message: "The destination must be inside problems directory." This message appears even if you do select a destination inside the problems folder.

This implies that the trouble is related to the destination. Actually, the trouble is the location of the source file.

Solution: The file you want to split must be in the problems folder. Move it there before you try to split it. Create a destination folder inside the problems folder. Now split the file and the individual sgf files will appear in the destination folder.


[1] GoGrinder uses the file extension .gxp for import and export of problems sets. These contain beside the sgf files the tags, which can be given for every single problem , so e.g. joseki, ko, ... The extension .ggs is used to save and load a status file (e.g. you want to switch to another problems set). Both are file formats, which are only understood by GoGrinder.

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