Deleting Pages

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There are several instances in which you'd want to delete a page:

  1. You realise that the page you just created has a typo in the title.
  2. You realise that the page you just created already exists under a slightly different name.
  3. You had a bad stroke of delirium ecrivens and realise that what you have just written is diatribe and you'd rather no one saw it.
  4. . . .

There is no quick and easy way to delete pages.

If you just made a typo in the pagename or want to move a page's content somewhere else (e.g. to a subpage) then request a renaming on Page Name Change Requests. This preserves the page's history!

If you would like to have the page deleted then list it at Page Delete Requests.

Alternatively, write "request for deletion" into the page. This way others can then revise the page and decide to either leave or keep the request. Admins are going to delete such pages, based on the history of the request.

Search for pages containing that phrase.

Librarians occasionally check and honour requests for deletion; they can also see when pages were deleted.

For editors who wish to delete their own homepages

Editors who wish to delete their own homepages should login with their own SL account, and indicate either on Page Delete Requests or their own homepage that they want it deleted.

Such editors should not merely blank their own homepages without logging in, because other editors will assume that the blanking is a vandalism act and restore the original page.

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