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Sensei's Library has much functionality that may not be immediately obvious to the eye. Here experienced deshis share their tricks...

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Key shortcuts

SL makes use of HTML shortcut keys. See SL shortcut keys.

More history than RecentChanges

If you like to get more than ~5 days history in RecentChanges, then either

  • click on "Page info & history" of RecentChanges and view the older versions, or
  • use AdvancedFindPage and search for pages "last modified" "after" e.g. 2003-08-01 and sort the search results by date.

Special links

Link to archived pages

You can link to archived pages by first obtaining their version number. To that, click on the title of the page which brings you to the "info & history" page. Look for the desired version in the history table.

Next make a link like

[FindPage version 1| phpwiki:?FindPage:v1]
which produces FindPage version 1

Note the ":v1" part: ':v' indicates that an archive page should be used, '1' denotes the version number.

Link to forums

To link to forum entries use the prefixes p:, posting:, t:, topic:, f:, or forum: like this: p:1 topic:1 forum:ArnoHollosi

You can name the links with the [ | ] syntax as well.

Link from diagram to a section in the same page

There is currently no way to make [a|#1] work, but you can use a phpwiki link instead of the senseis url:

phpwiki URLs

There are various other special links, including

[Current page | phpwiki:?page=_referrer_]
[Current page latest diff | phpwiki:?diff=_referrer_]
[Current page info and history | phpwiki:?info=_referrer_]
[Page version 513 | phpwiki:?CoffeeMachine:v513]
[Latest diff | phpwiki:?diff=ContinueWhileDozensOfPointsBehind]
[Diff version 61 | phpwiki:?diff=EnglishGoTerms&new=61&old=60]
[Diff v61 versus v55 | phpwiki:?diff=EnglishGoTerms&new=61&old=55]
[Title search | phpwiki:?search=A]
[Full text search | phpwiki:?full=%22request%20for%20deletion%22]
[Header search | phpwiki:?header=difficulty&term=Introductory]
[Random Page | phpwiki:?random=1]
[Random joseki page|phpwiki:?random=keywords&term=Joseki]
[Random beginner page | phpwiki:?random=difficulty&term=beginner]
[Download sltxt2png|phpwiki:files/sltxt2png.php.txt]
[Edit page|phpwiki:?edit=HowDiagramsWork]
[User preferences | phpwiki:?UserPreferences]

Some of these have been assigned "shortcuts". E. g., the last item can also be addressed as [UserPreferences]


  • _referrer_ can also be replaced by a page name


FullRecentChanges allows you to set filter and modify the sorting order and time frame.

Make your setting permanent
copy the URL after the '?' part (should start with '?page=...' and make a bookmark in your UserPreferences: e.g. "BookmarkName | phpwiki:?page=...". Or just make a bookmark in your browser.
Exclude yourself
just add your UserName preceded by '-' to the filter, e.g. "-ArnoHollosi"
Exclude all changes by users with UserNames
set the filter to "-[". This works because the author is stored as "[UserName] (" if the UserName is set (note the square brackets), but as "" if no UserName is set. Tricky :o)
Exclude all changes by users without UserNames
opposite of above, set filter to "[".

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