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Collection of ideas for a yearly distributed CD

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What's it

(see also [1]: FAQ - questions and answers)

It's an idea, which is already a bit longer in my head: a yearly to be distributed CD for all go-eager people. The content are gamefiles, problemfiles, photos and other pictures, texts, sounds, videos (e.g. analysing a game, teaching method, ...), software, etc.

The material (literature, videos, analyzes, ...) should be localized (e.g. russian, spanish, portugues, french, dutch, ...).

The CD shall be distributed on tournaments, by snail mail, with eMule, Bittorrent and FTP. -- RueLue


for local copying!

  • On tournaments
  • By snailmail
  • By eMule, Bittorrent
  • By FTP


cost-covering and a little reserve

  • the CD: 2 Euros / $
  • sending including package 2 Euros / $ (better 3?)

Where to collect the material

  • server of national go association
  • server of continental go association
  • private


Game files

  • with or without comment

Problem files

  • beginner to experienced player, (with or without solution)

Picture Files

  • who is who
  • nice pictures
  • pics and grphics for flyers and advertises (free of copyright)
  • ancient paintings


  • collections from old association's publications


  • the ticking of the tournament clocks
  • how is it pronounced?
  • see also [2]


  • game analysis (strong player or funny to hear)
  • teaching methods
  • strategic demonstration
  • location for the next congress
  • famous persons from the go world
  • see also [2]

Software, all categories:

  • playing programs
  • editors
  • clients for internet play
  • problems trainer
  • programs for slow computers,...

Software (Mac)

Software (Linux)

Software (Win)

Software (Java)

Go and informatics, programming

  • papers
  • file formats
  • links


No Go:

(rules, programs, online, links)

  • chess
  • bridge
  • othello
  • skat
  • chinese chess
  • checkers
  • shogi


  • (un)packing program: WinZip?
  • translator: Babylon?
  • Java package
  • Python package
  • info about online security (e.g. firewall, browser settings, ...)

Other Collections

Pages on Sensei's, which have links to some interesting material

[2] GoMedia: Various media related to Go

FAQ - questions and answers

pwaldron: Before embarking upon such an undertaking, you may wish to investigate the Hikarunix collection. It is a pre-wrapped Linux distribution with game records, problems and go-related programs.

RueLue: I know of that CD, but it is not what i think of: I mean a localized CD (language) with yearly modified content. It becomes also a collection for those, who wish to find programs for their own computer system. There shall be videos with analyses, teaching examples, etc. Hikarunix is a booting system. The yearly CD is (shall be) a collection, like CDs of computer magazines. With or without menue for leading through the content. There is much place for ideas, and perhaps the CD becomes completed by those, who burn them for distribution.

Willemien There is allready the Gogod cd, and the go world archive and I am wondering all what you want to put onto your CD is quite a lot. Does it allfit on one CD? But still I would buy it (you are so uch cheaper to the Gogod CD. it is nice to have it on hardcopy instead of all on line. (i am such a bookworm)

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