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A semi permanent place to store some thoughts on go.

First, I'd like to thank all the wonderful contributors to sensei's library. This site has been an invaluable compendium of go knowledge and teachings to me thanks to your efforts. I wouldn't understand or enjoy go nearly as much without your teaching.

I'm also indebted to all the people at the BrisbaneGoClub for playing many thankless teaching games against me, as well as providing an excellent place to play friendly games against nice people.

13 June

Inconsistant play recently. I've come up with some surprisingly good moves and some rather bad ones through intuition. Go is starting to feel like a different kind of game, again. I think now would be a good time to do some more serious study. If I can iron out some of my errors, I think I can play a couple of stones stronger.

I've started using kombilo to browse the kogo's joseki dictionary sgf, and it seems flawless outside UI design. Very easy way to check joseki during game review.

I think I'll study fighting/tesuji next.

14 May

Its difficult now to understand how I could have felt like my game was nearly complete early in april. Every month or two it feels like my game falls apart, gets shaken around in a sack, then spontaneously reassembles in slightly more polished form. I seem to improve the most while on losing streaks.

I certainly feel like I understand more now than I did a month ago.

3 may

Haven't been playing frequently recently or improved very much. I think I'm nearly a solid 1 kyu club player now. I've changed my playing style significantly recently, from aggressive tactical moves to a more laid back strategic style. I'm not winning as many matches, but I'm not having to work as hard and its more enjoyable. If I become more proficient at this style of play I think I'll easily outstrip my old ability.

"Positional Judgement" has been the impetus behind this shakeup of my game. I've become able to understand pro moves a little better, and been awed by the hints of geometric perfection implicit in them yet again. It has also coincidentally helped my positional judgement.

11 april

Made it to kgs 5k!

I feel a little bad about the way I made it though. I've been on a winning streak recently, winning 13 of my last 15 rated games and I feel luck has had quite a hand in that.

My last game I just bullied the poor guy by killing a group I'm pretty sure could have lived. Felt somewhat unclean.

I wonder where I'll hit the next brick wall. Its strange, I haven't really studied anything new or tried any new concepts, yet I'm beating people I would have struggled against a short time ago relatively easily.

5 april

Entered the queensland championships as a 3k, played like a 3k. Oh well. I'm going to win something someday I swear.

I seem to have nearly surpassed the wall I've been hitting my head against for a month or so by taking a week off the game.

Feels like I'm playing well at the moment. My game feels fairly complete. I'd believe I'll be able to play at kgs 5k level by next month if I do some joseki study.

I think I'm going to have to start counting if I want to play at a dan level this year. I won't be good enough to absorb positional evaluation errors against dans.

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