4-4 point 3-3 invasion, extension

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The 4-4 point 3-3 invasion simple extension is a common and popular modern joseki ever since the AI revolution. It is a basic move that is played at all skill levels, is well-regarded by strong AI programs, and emphasizes taking sente. While it may not be the strongest local response, forming a three-stone wall is good shape and resilient, so it can be a good choice if Black intends to tenuki.

White's main options are to (A) jump ahead or (B) push. Tenuki is not advised.

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Moves are listed by frequency in professional games[1], which is sensitive to whole-board position. Bolded moves are commonly considered joseki.

4-4 Point 3-3 Invasion, Extend, Small Knight 4-4 Point 3-3 Invasion, Extend, One-Space Jump
Simple extension  

Overview of Joseki

Jumping Ahead

Jumping Ahead

Small Knight
Small Knight



Small Knight
Push, Hane
Small Knight
Push, Extend
Small Knight
Push, Small Knight


The ladder is required for the one-space jump

Jumping ahead vs. Push?

Oh Yujin (6p) vs. Wang Chenxing (5p) (2019)  

Tenuki is not advised


  • [1] Frequency statistics were obtained from [ext] Waltheri's Go Pattern Search using the full database restrained to a local search (accessed September 2021).

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