4-4 Point 3-3 Invasion, Double Hane, Atari Up

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The 4-4 point 3-3 invasion, double hane, atari up is part of the main sequence of the double hane joseki. This position can also be reached by transposition from the push and cut after the simple 3-3 invasion joseki with the one-space jump.

Generally speaking, White should capture the cutting stone according to the go proverb. In rare circumstances, White can connect at b to retain the corner, upon which Black would like to ladder the W1 stone. Even if Black lacks the ladder, this result is usually still good for Black.

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Moves are listed by frequency in professional games[1], which is sensitive to whole-board position. Bolded moves are commonly considered joseki.

4-4 Point 3-3 Invasion, Double Hane, Atari Up, Capture
3-3 invasion  

Overview of Joseki

Accept Ponnuki

Capture (~97%)[1]
Main Variation (77%)  
Ko Variation (19%)  
  • Generally speaking, capturing with W1 is the correct move, which reflects the go proverb to capture the cutting stone. This allows White to obtain a ponnuki, but Black will capture the stones in the corner. The resulting joseki (Diagram 1) is considered even for both players on an empty board.
  • Historically, it was also possible for Black to atari at B2 (Diagram 2) to build thickness while threatening a ko. Black hopes White will connect with W5 at black+circle, but AI recommends White counter atari at a regardless of ko threats, so it has fallen out of favor among professionals.

Insist on Corner Territory

Connect (~3%)[1]
Ladder Variation  
Bad Ladder  
  • In rare circumstances, professionals have occasionally disregarded the proverb and standard joseki to connect with W1. This move aims to live locally in the corner, and White will need to play at l later to create a L+2 group. White would prefer to have the ladder when connecting with W1. If the ladder is good for White, Black must extend (Diagram 2). However, this result is still good for Black even when they lack the ladder.


When should White play a solid connection?

Cho Hunhyun vs. Lee Changho (1993)  


  • [1] Frequency statistics were obtained from [ext] Waltheri's Go Pattern Search using the full database restrained to a local search (accessed September 2022).

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