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Chinese 1: 交叉点 (jiao1 cha1 dian3)
Chinese 2: 交点 (jiao1 dian3)
Japanese: (交)点 ((kō)ten)
Korean: 점

An intersection of the lines on the board. Places where the lines touch instead of crossing (along the edges and in the corners) are also counted as points. The game is played by playing stones on the points, subject to the other rules.

Two points  

The example board has 25 points. The red circle shows one particular point. The red square in the corner shows another point.

Karl Knechtel: Is 'ba' (as in oba, kyuuba etc.) the same as 'ten'?

Bill: No. Ten? specifically means point. Ba means place.

The distinction being that a "place" could also refer to any of a set of nearby points in an open part of the board, but "point" is always a specific one of them? Or something else?

Bob Myers: Right, as seen in words like kyuuba, oba, and dameba?.

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