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[ext] European Go Journal: English language magazine. Main editor: Artem Kachanovskyi

British Go Journal: English language magazine.

Deutsche Go Zeitung: German language magazine.

Gekkan Go waarudo 月刊碁ワールド: Japanese language monthly magazine published by the Nihon Kiin replacing Kido and Igo Club.

GO (Dutch Magazine) Dutch language magazine of Nederlandse Go Bond (Dutch Go Federation). Succeeded by a new magazine "Go Bulletins".

NHK Igo Koza NHK囲碁講座: Japanese language monthly magazine linked to NHK TV programs.

Revue Francaise de Go: French language magazine, also available in digital format.

ShaoerWeiqi 少儿围棋: Chinese language monthly magazine for children published in China.

Weiqi Tiandi 围棋天地: Chinese language semi-monthly Go magazine published in China.

Weiqi Qiyi 棋艺(围棋版): Chinese language monthly magazine published in China.


American Go E-Journal: English language weekly magazine. Publication of the American Go Association, delivered via email to AGA members. Two editions are published. One, containing news reports, announcements, and classified ads, is available free from [ext] http://www.usgo.org/index.asp for anyone with an email address. An edition for AGA members only contains supplemental material such as game commentaries, problems, and instructional material.

Kidou Web 棋道Web: Japanese-language, subscription-based web magazine by the Nihon Kiin.


American Go Journal (1949-2003): English language magazine; replaced by the American Go E-Journal.

Australian Go Journal: English language magazine.

Baduk Made Fun and Easy (2005-08): English language weekly e-articles written by Nam Ch'i-hyeong of Myongji University.

Belgo The Belgian Go Journal (1985-2005) [ext] http://www.gofed.be/node/662

Gekkan Gogaku 月刊碁学 (1976-1988): Japanese language magazine sold mainly in the Kansai region.

Goama (2005-2007): English language e-newsletter.

Go Journal of Turkey (2007-2008)

Go Moon (1988-1994): English language magazine with professional games.

Go Review (1961-1977): English language Nihon Kiin magazine.

Go Winds (1997-2003): English language quarterly published by Yutopian press. It had a slight emphasis on Chinese go.

Go World (1977-2012): English language semi-annual published by Kiseido, provided good coverage of the world scene as well as several detailed title game reviews each issue.

Igo 圍碁 (1951-2012): Japanese language magazine published by Seibundo Shinkosha.

Igo Club 囲碁クラブ (1925-1999): Japanese language Nihon Kiin magazine.

Igojin? (2011-2014): Japanese language FREE e-magazine in ePub2.0 format, published by MyNavi?. [ext] Back numbers are still available.

Igo Shincho 囲碁新潮 (1950-1979) and Igo Kansai? 囲碁関西 (1980-2019): Japanese language Kansai Kiin magazine.

Igo Mirai: 囲碁未来 (1962-2022) Japanese language beginner-level monthly magazine published by the Nihon Kiin.

Igo Shinpo 囲碁新報 (1879-1924): Japanese language Hoensha magazine. World's first Go magazine. See the main article for digital scans.

Igo Shunju 囲碁春秋 (1937-1974): Japanese language magazine, with Yasunaga Hajime as the Executive Editor.

[ext] IGS Magazine: published three times a month by IGS with two game reviews per issue, delivered via email to paid subscribers. (Discontinued in June 2020)

[ext] Irish Newsletter (2009-2011), intermittent publication

Kido 棋道 (1924-1999): Japanese language Nihon Kiin magazine.

Myosu Global Baduk Magazine (2017-?): English Language publication from South Korea's Myongji University. (Links on target page are all dead)

Noir et Blanc: French language magazine.

Nordiskt GoBlad (Nordic Go Journal)

Shukan Go 週刊碁 (1977-2023) : Japanese language weekly Nihon Kiin newspaper, also known as Go Weekly.

[ext] StoneAge (Italian Go Federation Journal)

[ext] Suji: English language European magazine, was published every two months.

Sydney Go Journal (2006 - 07): English language e-periodical by David Mitchell.

The Enclave?: English language e-magazine.

The Magic of Go (? - 2007): English language e-articles begun by Richard Bozulich and continued by Rob van Zeijst.

[ext] World Baduk: Korean language magazine.

[ext] Ogo: Russian language magazine.


  • A list of magazines from 1879 to 1920 is [ext] here
  • Several other National Go Associations also produce their own magazines, or journals.
  • See also: The fate of go magazines.

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