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Recently Sensei's has had a bit of a renaissance, starting in June (2021).

This has included:

  • yuzukitea's work on modernising joseki coverage
  • the list of IGF members, ie. of national associations / federations
  • large scale articling of recently qualified professionals
  • extension of aliasing of Korean professionals to integrate with Go4Go (see Go4Go Korean)
  • updating professionals' pages with promotions, retirements and deaths
  • "linkwork": general archival, removal and management of dead links

My question: are we basically up to date yet, to the sort of standard that could reasonably be expected of a non-professional site?

I have the impression that the bulk of the site is now pretty well set up for the next five years, and that not much more work is going to be necessary for a while -- mainly keeping track of tournament results. I'm ready to move more of my time into something else.

But what do you guys think?

Dieter: A WIKI is never "up to date", especially when covering real life. It will need continuous work by a larger number of people than those investing too big a chunk of their spare time in it, which is not sustainable.

It also depends on your expectations. I'm more interested in the knowledge part than the sociocultural part. Even that is still far away from "done". We need to look at all joseki, fuseki and strategy pages to hold them against the light of AI.

AI also has given rise to new concepts, at least that's what I think, John F. might say the pros have known these all along, anyway they haven't been articulated towards the (Western) amateur world. I'm thinking of ijime as one of his "hobby horses" or my own coinage slonection.

All in all, you guys do deserve acknowledgement for breathing new life into this site. Whether it lasts or not, the site is much more up to date than it was. Thanks a bunch.

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