3-4 point distant low approach - Exercise

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Made up situation
Why is this move bad altogether?

Exercise 1

Made up situation  

White has responded by to your komoku (3-4) by a low distant approach play (W2). Where would you play next?

Rich: I'd go for the left side, personally; but then, I wouldn't have played that komoku to start with... ;) What's the purpose of the exercise?

Evan:Purpose? Why there isn't one of course :) I'm meant to be developing the systematicjoseki3463 pages, so I thought I would create an exercise in an attempt to stimulate some interest and get me to think about the position a bit more.

I would play at a but then a double wing formation at the top left would put black in a very strong position.

Exercise 2

Why is this move bad altogether?  

Because we haven't decided how to saperate exercises within (should be saprate page, indexed and linked through the index from the SJ pages), I'll add a question here.

Yes it doesn't really belong here, but since this move was played..

What's wrong with this move? Why is it unlikely to appear in a proffesional game? Reuven

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