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My real name is Jérôme Zago. I'm 25 and I currently live at Evian, France. I play mostly on NNGS (15k) and KGS (14k). My aim for now is to be good enough to beat any Go program out there in an even game (although I prefer to play humans). It's a long way off though :(.

I'm also a chess player, but I prefer Go for three reasons:

  • its handicap system
  • its emphasis on strategy compared to tactics
  • you can play both short and long games, since you can choose the dimensions of the board. I'd like to try 19x13 for instance, or other odd sizes... If someone is interested, we could setup such a game here.

ChessWhiz: I'd like to try a 19x13 game with you. I'm 11k* on IGS, so maybe you should receive 2 stones? Or would you rather just play as black? I know that handicap stones are more valuable on smaller boards. Let's put the game on this page: AgtAgainstChessWhiz.

KarlKnechtel: 19x13? Eh, why not? Strange that this is the first I've ever heard of anyone trying to play on a non-square Goban... unless you count the idea I had once to treat the Goban as toroidal (i.e., first lines on opposite edges of the board are considered adjacent, so there is no longer any distinction of "corner" vs. "centre"). How about cross-shaped boards, or with a hole in the middle? (Imagine a "virtueless" board where tengen alone is removed... how much effect would it have? It would change some experimental fuseki ideas for sure, and a group in the middle would count one point less.) Maybe we should start a NonTraditionalGobanDiscussion ...

unkx80: Try Unusual Gobans and Variants.

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