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This is a Teaching Game so please add generous comments. Anyone can a question or kibitz. It makes for a good learning experience (and nice reading material for others). Hopefully we see some dan level player with their kibitzes here as well

Moves 111-120  

unkx80: Comments: I don't understand what W120 is doing. Also, IMHO, B117 and B119 are too passive. (I have deliberately make my comments vague in order not to spoil the game.)

DJ: Thanks for commenting our game, unkx80! B119 is sure passive, but, as I said, these days I have not the time to analyse fighting variations, like pushing down at a.
As regards B117 it looks to me less passive, as it was my first eye for this group. I was afraid that if I kept on running without not even one eye, say with b, White would have pushed along at c. In this case, if I protected my territory on top, I wasn't so sure I could connect easily without incurring in some other loss somewhere else.
BTW, one of my oldest go buddies has just recently moved to Singapore, and has visited the go club already. Did you meet him? He's called Alberto Rezza.
unkx80: Thanks. Sometime when I am free I will go down and see if he is around. =)

JoeSeki W120: Yet another attack to try and whittle down your territory or gain some of my own. I wouldn't mind putting this game on hold for a while though.

DJ: As you like, Joe. But, as I said before, we do not have to play *fast*... :-)
Just play when and if you feel like, I wouldn't mind at all!

DJ B119: I very much wanted to make another eye in Sente but it seems not possible (also I haven't very much time to spend these days), so I'll live in Gote (still better than dying in sente...)

JoeSeki W118: looks like you got two eyes, so I'll take the profit and steal the second and force you to take the second in gote or run some more. Let's see where this goes.

DJ B117: It looks to me I have one eye: I'm half alive, then... ;-)

JoeSeki W116: I don't know what to play now. I can't read this out all the way, and yet I don't know how to play when I'm in this position. Is it really do-or-die now? Or is there some way of thinking I should adopt here to improve my game?

DJ B115: If possible, I would like to avoid damages to my territory... Let's try to give some eye-shape to my poor dragon!

JoeSeki W114 Hope to stop or get an advantage as you break through.

DJ B113: Having started to push, let's keep on pushing!

JoeSeki W112 I think you must live, you can't escape if I read correctly. My hope is you live in Gote or don't live at all. but it is too complex for me to read out entirely. I think it is wise for white to say it will live, but I can torture it. If I can gain position from the attack that should be the goal for white.

DJ B111: I had studied this position a lot and gone through dozens of variations... Darn me if I remember anything! ;-)
Therefore I play a new approach... Will I escape?

DJ: Hey, Joe! Are you still with me?

JoeSeki Sorry about the long absence. Work got crazy for me, then my Father had to go in for heart surgery and then Easter hit. All is well though.

JoeSeki I think we should adjourn this game. Thanks for the game up to this point. It was educational, and helpful!

DJ: Sorry, it was my turn to be busy... Do not worry, I'm thinking about my move (I must confess I forgot what I was planning to do...). I think we do not need to adjourn, let's just make our moves when we can%%% BTW, I'm very glad to hear that your dad is allright now. I'm very sensitive on the subject, 'cause I've lost mine six months ago after a year of illness. Best wishes from my heart!

JoeSeki Play on then. My dad is already back to work and he's walking more than 2 miles a day, Doctors say he can run a 10k in 3 months he's recovering so fast. He used to be a tri-athelete. The only reason the caught the problem is because he did the responsible thing of getting a check up before he training for the Marine Marathon. He checked out okay but the EKG had an odd signiture so they had more tests done. Double Bypass surgury and found a congenital hole in his heart the size of a penny. Had he not been a runner he could have died of a stroke anytime in his life from an errant blood clot. So he got a twofer and he'll be better then before. On another note, I'm pretty sure I'll be going to the Go Congress this year. Might you as well?

DJ Weeeell.. You know, living in Italy doesn't help... ;-)))

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