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Good day...

I am Fulvio Savagnone, a little-over-50-years-old scientist (what did I invent, you may ask?).
I learned about go in 1981. Living in Rome, Italy, I had difficulties in finding opponents, but with the help of the Japanese Embassy and of a go club in Milan I managed to contact other players.

Little by little, I created the Go Club of Rome, organized several international tournaments (among them, the mythical first tournament in Ischia, 1988), got support from the Japanese and Korean Embassies and JAL, had professionals visit Rome (most notably my idol Takemiya in 1990), and so on...

In 1984 I was 9k, in 1985 I was 3k. In 1986 I took part in the 8th WAGC as the Italian representative. I even managed to win two games...

Then gradually I moved to other activities (especially girlfriends who didn't play go, and taiko drumming), totally giving up go in 1989. The Takemiya visit was my last game: I lost, of course.... ;-) But love for the game never quit me, so I started to play again in 1999, and now I enjoy go as much as I can.
I'm 2k, though... ;-) (1891 latest EGF Rating, [ext] my EGD page).
On IGS I have a new account, Avatara. I do not know how, but it seems to have become 1k*... On KGS I have a mysterious account that is 4k, mostly with a ? because I do not play often enough...

My initiatives in the Eighties for organising go in Rome gained me in the Nineties a honorary membership in FIGG (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Go).
In this century, I am the current President of the AGI (Associazione Goistica Italiana). [1] <comment made 2002>

Other interests and hobbies: music (I am a weird DJ, specialized in ethno contaminations, Bhangra and Asian Underground...), poetry, fine arts, sailing, sloppy trekking in the mountains, good food and wines and beers and comfortables at large...

Speaking of fine arts, why don't you go and have a look at the websites of my beloved fiancée, [ext] Emily Little; EMJL Sculpture and Fine Art Bas Reliefs? [2] She is a great artist, enjoying both painting and sculpture. I am building her websites (still under construction) and, as I am a total amateur in this field, any problem with them is totally my fault...

If you really feel like flattering me, send me a mail at dj DOT flux AT iol DOT it

Weeeeell... After many an afterthought, I started yet another blog, called [ext] In search of beauty. <inactive since 2007> One more in millions doesn't make much of a difference...

I'll be speaking about things that fill our lives with beauty: art, literature, music, food and wine and - yes - Go has of course a very large space...

I'll be really happy if fellow deshi's would come, read, leave a comment, or even link my blog from theirs...

After the blog, the podcast...
It's a one-hour mp3 of my favourite music structured as a radio broadcasting. Words are in Italian, but songs are mostly in English ;-)

You can find it [ext] here. Size is about 40 M, so a broadband is advisable...

You can either listen to it in streaming or downloading it by right-clicking on the "download" link and choosing "Save object with name..."

Second podcast at the [ext] same address. It will be available for download for four days starting today.
Pretty soon we will have a rss feed.

Ciao, DJ! Visto che nessuno vuole continuare OngoingGame3, vorresti cominciare OngoingGame4? - Migeru

Hi Migeru! Perfect Italian, wow%%% Do not worry about the continuation of OngoingGame3, if nobody goes there we could continue it as a teaching game between ourselves... Moreover there is already another rengo going, so I do not think it would be a good idea to start yet another one... -- DJ

DJ, if you want to continue OngoingGame3 as a teaching game, I just played W26... - Migeru

HuOfKGS: Thank you for picking up where I left off and putting on proper attribution on more of those commercial book reviews. I looked for your KGS IDs, but they remain mysterious, so I took the liberty of thanking you here.

ilan: Scientists discover, engineers invent.

Bill: Benjamin Franklin did both.

DJ: I did neither!

(ehm, not true, actually, there is something I discovered... I have some papers published in chemistry and in printing, paper and restoration sciences)

[1] A link was given to agi.go.it, former website of the association. Useful snapshots of the site can be [ext] viewed at the Internet Archive from 2003 to 2012. In 2013 it was not snapshotted; in 2014, there are snapshots but they have no content; from 2014 onwards it has hosted data for an unrelated Italian organisation, possibly spam.

[2] If you really care about the linked sculpture and "fine art bas reliefs", the respective archive snapshot views are at [ext] here and [ext] here.

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