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This is a Teaching Game so please add generous comments. Anyone can a question or kibitz. It makes for a good learning experience (and nice reading material for others). Hopefully we see some dan level player with their kibitzes here as well

Moves 71-80  

JoeSeki W80: Sorry I was away on Thanksgiving vacation. As much as I think this black group is vulnerable to a sever attack that might kill it, I feel compelled to protect myself. There are a few weakness you could probe at that would give you easy life if I attacked prematurely. So Patience first

DJ Black 79: Yup! I asked because I didn't see your UserName, just the IP address...
Let's see how I'm going to live, then we should count the score again.

JoeSeki W78: Yes I fixed my mistaken numbering.

DJ Black 77: Joe, is it you that corrected the numbered diagram? I assume so, and this is my answer.
What's going on here reminds me quite a lot of what happened in the RS a few moves ago... Oh thy fearful symmetry!

JoeSeki White 76: I think you have some eye shape trouble here. I think this attack on your group is sente and also works with all my stones in the area. The forcing move of Black 73 doesn't look so good right now.

dnerra: Maybe Black 71 was already a bit slow. After all, white can't jump in very deeply. (White a can be stopped with Black 71, e.g.) Instead playing at 72 or b looks more attractive.

DJ Black 75: I cannot come with anything fancier, I have to protect somehow this group and I couldn't find a defensive move that could also play a role in the attack of the three white stones. Attack to be postponed for the time being and maybe forever...
I just hope this doesn't leave me way behind.

JoeSeki White 74: I think I'll attack your bigger group then and settle my white stones as I attack. One stone is not as important as a group. I think I'll settle my stones and take territory as this fight develops. I think Black 73 must be a two-space extension first to a (now B75).

DJ Black 73: I can't resist! I cannot resist! Kikashi first and then...
After White 72 you have more sure territory, but I should manage to get something by attacking the three white stones.
Sorry to have made you wait, but I've been directing the Rome Tournament...

JoeSeki White 72: I think that the game is even, but how the three white stones get resolved will decide the game.

DJ Black 71: To answer your question: yup, I want that territory badly enough... To answer my question: yup, I promised myself to play a calm and collected game, not to go on reckless attacks... ;-)
Now I ask *you* a question: How badly do you want those three stones to live? ;-)))

P.S. If I try to count the territory as it is now, it gives me:

UL 15+
LL 12+
LR 10
CR 5
Total: 42+ plus komi

UR 37
LC 5+
Total 42+ plus influence

Dead even, I would say! What do you think? Is there any strong player willing to make a better assessment?

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