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This is a Teaching Game so please add generous comments. Anyone can a question or kibitz. It makes for a good learning experience (and nice reading material for others). Hopefully we see some dan level player with their kibitzes here as well

Moves 101-110  

JoeSeki W110 with the long break I need to think about this again. Dragons are very hard to kill, but maybe I can frame out some territory in the middle and set up some more attacks or squeeze into your zones of control and destroy your territory. So with that in mind, I make thickeness in the middle and deny you a sente eye. (or did I fail to do that? only time will tell)

DJ B109: Sorry for the delay, I've busy at work and I've got a bad cold...
Here we go! I must escape, or make an eye in Sente in order to patch the other one on the LS... Mamma mia!!!

JoeSeki W108: I think your argument should be refined a bit more. If I can't catch your dragon, AND if by running away you don't destroy the rest of your territory, then I think you'll win. You owe me a move on the left side or I destroy all your eye space. Does this move of mine catch the dragon? or force you to run so that I can destroy the territory you have built up. I think it's all about fighting now. Good luck, this should get exciting!

That's exactly what I've thought... So far we've both been very careful in the choice of our moves, so why don't we start a real mess??!? ;-)))
In this way we accomplish two goals: we can better show our weak points (mine for instance are all in the fighting), and we can keep all SL's lurkers entertained...
Good luck to you too, Joe!

DJ B107: During this game you have surprised me two times, tenuki-ing when I expected you to answer my moves. Now it's my turn to maybe surprise you: I am making a risky bet, risky and fun%%% If I assume that I can bring to safety the larger part of my group, your capture (or my connection) above B105 could be worth some 15 points gote. And this could be less, if I'll manage to set up a ko, or maybe a little more if you manage to link up to your group in the corner below (?).
Still, I think B107 is worth much more, as it takes territory and stabilises a weak-ish black group.
Now the question (and the fun of playing this game) is: can you catch my dragon??!?

JoeSeki W106 I was wondering the same thing. Whether I should leave them for later as ko threats or use them now to destroy eye space. I will play this to improve my shape while keeping sente. This gives you 6 on the side for one eye and I don't think I should play here any longer as there are no more eyes to destroy here. I can destroy the second eye by playing in one space or hane at the edge to make that a false eye. so the 2nd eye comes in the middle someplace. I think rather the proper thing to do is not to try and kill you but exploit the weakness of this possiblity by attacking something else and try to creat a double attack. It would be ideal if I could get an attack that forced you to run me into the top right. So I'll give this a lot of thought and see what I come up with. I wish some stronger players would comment. I can't help but feel this is a where you and I need to learn how to think about the game properly to improve. Are we reinforcing bad practices?

DJ B105: I've been thinking that this sequence was your privilege. I wonder whether it would have been better to leave it unplayed (you know, ko threats an all the rest...).

JoeSeki B104 Let's push as much as I can

DJ B103: Uh...

JoeSeki White 102: I tried to read out the cut sequence. I thought you got G7 before I could cover the cut. Then it's an interesting running battle that I couldn't quite read out. Alas I think it would have been bad for you if you had tried the running battle (unless of course you catch the white stones, then it would be great, but that's gambling, not reading)

AvatarDJFlux B101: Oh, tough luck! I have to submit... :-(
There is no way for me to put on some resistance: e.g. by connecting at W102, being cut in two by W 101 and cut myself at b: I couldn't find any way to catch the three marked white stones, as my cut group on the RS has only 5 liberties...
Therefore I have to answer all your sente moves here, and wait to be attacked on the bottom. Oh well!

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