Even a moron connects against a peep

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Connect against a Peep  

Often, very often, simply connecting at W2 in response to a peep such as B1 is the best answer. In fact, exceptions to this rule are so rare that people quote the old Go proverb "Even a fool connects against a peep". This proverb is attributed to Kageyama Toshiro in his book "Lessons In The Fundamentals Of Go" (1978). In the book, this proverb was written as "Even a moron connects against a peep". While this was acceptable language at the time, the term "moron" is now considered offensive so, these days, the term "fool" is preferred.

Another way to connect 1  

There are many ways to connect stones.

Another way to connect 2  

W2 is joseki. A different and wise connection.

In a number of games, one player makes a peep, and then the other player makes a counter peep, the first player connects, and then the second player connects too.

Eventually, the first peep was answered by a connection, but not immediately.

"Sente punishes the peep."

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