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Taken from WuRenGo2


Andy: I never know how to deal with this kind of thing. White to move. Assume that saving the white+square stones is the biggest move on the board and black territory to the right. Some choices:

1) play it all out  

White can hane-connect with W1, W3, and then go back to patch up with W5. This is straightforward, and ends in gote. If black has a bigger move than B2, he can tenuki after W1. There isn't much aji left in either player's position after this sequence.

2) leave potential  

White can protect with this W1. Black plays elsewhere next.

2-b1) later  

Later, black can close the side, ending in gote.

2-w1) later  

If white comes back here first later, he can still play the W1 hane-connect, but this leaves slightly more aji in the position for black than in the 1) "play it all out" diagram.

Is there a rule of thumb about how to deal with this kind of thing? Is it generally preferable to completely play out a sente sequence that ends in gote or are there occasions when it is better to take gote sooner and leave part of the sequence as an additional gote followup?

unkx80: In the position shown in this BQM I would not recommend the hane-connect because it strengthens black. However, the Wu Ren Go game position has a slightly different surrounding context which merits the hane-connect. Perhaps I can say more during the game review.

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