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Japanese: カービーブライアン(武頼安)
Korean: 브라이언 커비

I am Kirby from KGS. I have no affiliation with the [ext] puffy video game character - my last name is Kirby. During the day, I work as a software engineer at IBM.

My biggest hobby is go, but I also enjoy studying math, Japanese, and Korean. I spent a year in Sendai, Japan from 2004 through 2005. I learned a lot of Japanese at that time. Sometime, I'd like to return.

I've also been to Korea a few times. (My wife is from Korea, by the way.) One notable happening occurred at a professional go event that I attended. I was the only "foreigner" present, and added to that, most of the people in attendance were pretty young. As a result, I got a lot of attention. They had me answer a question up on stage in front of everyone (which I got wrong - but they gave me a prize, anyway), I was interviewed by wBaduk, and I even a brief clip of myself on stage on Baduk TV in Korea! It was a fun experience. They even wrote an [ext] article on the interview!

At a separate event, I was able to get my picture taken with a couple of famous Korean pros, Cho Hunhyun and Choi Cheolhan!

I also had the honor of playing a simultaneous handicap game against Kim Jiseok.

It was a 9 stone handicap game, but I managed to win by 4.5 points (meh, maybe I didn't play so well, since I had 9-stones, but that's another story...). All in all, I had a lot of fun!


Please feel free to leave me comments...

zelda91: hi

Kirby: Hi, zelda91.

Dieter: Hi Kirby. Can you contact me at (first name).(last name)

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