World Youth Goe Championship

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The World Youth Goe Championship (WYGC) is an annual international tournament for youths. This is a Goe event, sponsored by the Ing Foundation, and therefore Ing's rules are used. A number of strong participants in the World Youth Goe Championship eventually became professional players.

The championship consists of a junior edition and a senior edition. When the championship started in 1984, it had only the junior edition. The senior edition was added for the first time in the 6th edition of the championship in 1989. The junior edition is for players under 12, and the senior edition is for players under 16 (the age limit used to be 18 until the 26th edition in 2009).

Amongst other things, using Ing's rules means that komi is 8 points (with Black winning in the case of draws). To compensate slightly for the large komi, the winner of nigiri is allowed to choose colours, rather than having to take Black.

Seki Kotaro's 2013 victory was the first time that either division had ever been won by a Japanese player.

No Year Venue Junior Division Winner Senior Division Winner Links
1st 1984 Taipei, Taiwan Kim Young Hwan (Korea) N/A [ext] link, [ext] link
2nd 1985 Taipei, Taiwan (Korea) N/A [ext] link
3rd 1986 Taipei, Taiwan Lee Sang-Hoon (Korea) N/A [ext] link
4th 1987 Hong Kong, U.K. (now China) Xu Ping (China) N/A
5th 1988 Paris, France Chang Hao (China) N/A
6th 1989 Singapore Hsia Hsien-Yu (Taiwan) Kim Mansoo (Korea)
7th 1990 Guilin, China Li Junkai (China) Hsia Hsien-Yu (Taiwan)
8th 1991 Ningbo, China Han Mun-Teok (Korea) Wang Lei (China)
9th 1992 San Francisco, U.S.A. Lin Chih-han (Taiwan) Zhou Heyang (China)
10th 1993 Ottawa, Canada Wang Yao (China) An Joyoung (Korea
11th 1994 California, U.S.A. Gu Li (China) An Dalhun (Korea)
12th 1995 Amstelveen, The Netherlands Lee Yong-Soo (Korea) Huang Yizhong (China) [ext] link, [ext] link
13th 1996 Seoul, Korea Pak Yeong-hun (Korea) Hu Yaoyu (China)
14th 1997 Taipei, Taiwan Lee Youngkyu (Korea) Liu Xi (China) [ext] link, [ext] link
15th 1998 Guiyang, China Li Kang (China) Liu Xing (China) [ext] link
16th 1999 Singapore Jing Shi (China) Peng Quan (China) [ext] link
17th 2000 Prague, Czech Republic Kang Dong Yoon (Korea) Hur Young Ho (Korea) [ext] link, [ext] link
18th 2001 Hawaii, U.S.A. Kwon Hyung-Jin (Korea) Kim Hyung-Hwan (Korea) [ext] link
19th 2002 Bangkok, Thailand Zhou Ruiyang (China) Li Kang (China) [ext] link
20th 2003 Shanghai, China Kang Yu-Taek (Korea) Chen Yaoye (China)
21st 2004 Vancouver, Canada Park Jung-Hwan (Korea) Gu Lingyi (China) [ext] link, [ext] link
22nd 2005 Barcelona, Spain Liao Xingwen (China) Song Sang-Min (Korea) [ext] link, [ext] link
23nd 2006 Shenzen, China Na Hyun (Korea) Peng Liyao (China) [ext] link, [ext] link
24th 2007 Boston, U.S.A. Han Seung-Joo (Korea) Ming Sang-Yeon (Korea) [ext] link, [ext] link
25th 2008 Guiyang, China Ke Jie (China) Kang Byung-Kwon (Korea) [ext] link
26th 2009 Changzhi, China Yang Ding (China) Li Xuanhao (China) [ext] link
27th 2010 Peng-Hu, Taiwan Li Qincheng (China) Han Seung Joo (Korea) [ext] link
28th 2011 Bucharest, Romania Liao Yuanpei (China) Ke Jie (China) [ext] link
29th 2012 Luoyang, China Wang Shiyi (China) Li Qincheng (China) [ext] link
30th 2013 Prague, Czech Republic Seki Kotaro (Japan) Wang Zejin (China) [ext] link [ext] link
31st 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia Xu Jiayang (China) Lee Eeodeokdung (Korea) [ext] link
32nd 2015 Harbin,China Wang Xinghao (China) Li Weiqing (China) [ext] link [ext] link
33rd 2016 Tokyo, Japan Wang Chuxuan (China) Qirun Jiang (China) [ext] link [ext] link
34th 2017 Chiangmai, Thailand Chunhui Wang (China) Wang Xinghao (China) [ext] link]
35th 2018 Bacharach, Germany Xiao Zebin (China) Li Zerui (China) [ext] link
36th 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jung Junwoo (Korea) Li Haotong (China) [ext] link

During the 10th edition of the championship, a "super league" took place in addition to the junior and senior divisions. The winner of the super league is Chang Hao.


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