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Chinese: 天元 (tiān yuán)
Japanese: 天元 (tengen)
Korean: 천원

Tengen ("origin of heaven") is a Japanese go term adopted by English speaking go players.

  1. The center point of the Go board. On a 19x19 board this is the 10-10 point (K10).
  2. The name of one of the seven Japanese big titles (see Tengen - the title).
  3. The equivalent Chinese term (天元 or tiānyuán) is also the name of a major tournament in China (see Tianyuan.)
Tengen hidden by black stone  

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Tengen is also the name given to go club located in Jyväskylä, Finland: [ext] http://www.suomigo.net/wiki/Tengen . Jyväskylä is in the center of Finland. Tengen is the center of goban. Hence, go club of Jyväskylä got name Tengen.

Another go club located in Santiago, Chile: [ext] http://clubtengen.blogspot.com/ has also adopted the name Tengen for their go club, probably for similar reasons.

HandOfPaper: Tengen, like Atari, was the name of an electronic game company that existed in the 1980s. There is a page on the Atari company on SL. Does anyone know enough about the Tengen company to start a page about it? If I remember correctly, Tengen made a few games for the NES...

Malweth: According to [ext] the IGN Page Tengen was an Atari spinoff to create games on NES.

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