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Holigor used to be IGS 4k* prior to the rank shift.

I am from Ukraine. 44 year old.

Currently I reside in Singapore.

I play online only.

On the New 2002 Year eve I've been the only relatively sober player on IGS and won 3 games in a row which put me in 4k* class. The people continued to be drunk for several days after the New Year and I had 11/2 win/loss ratio as a new 4k* against assumingly stronger opposition. After that I played less with about 50/50 success ratio. So, after 2 month I reconciled myself with an idea that I am 4k* after all. After the change of the rating system this became 1k*.

I've got a very simple [ext] go web page.

The part of the game I like most is the late middle game. I am strongly attracted to flashy moves, tesujies and furikawari, everything that drastically changes the course of the game.

My tsume-go is not great but I kill more often than die.

The part of the game I find most difficult is the opening. I can't see implications of the fuseki moves I make. But from time to time I hear a great advice, application of which makes things easier.

I am very weak at yose. I can't calculate the value of the moves. What is even worse is the fact that I don't know the value of any standard move except, of course, the values of 1 point moves (they are 0.5 miai counting, aren't they?) and a capture, value of which is the number of captured stones in miai counting. There is a rumour also that a monkey jump is 8 points.

Recently (as of June, 2003) my style changes a lot. I am no longer a territorial player. I play thick and slow. I have to play komoku as one of the first corner moves to have some territory at all. After that my games become almost constant fights for the center.

I do experiment sometimes. For example, it was interesting for me to know how much I'd lose if I took all 4 corners at the start of the game playing against an opponent of the same strength. I tried twice and the result was about a 30 point loss each time.

Here is HoligorsRantOnYose.


/pondering on sacrifice.

/meets triple ko

Holigor's thoughts on hoshi


HolIgor asks

Level indicators

/research in computer go

For fun I made a rating of the leading go players

Holigor's stories



Some ideas about SL.

  • Thematic workshops on tesuji. Collect as many as possible problems with the same tesuji, for example, the crane's nest or snapback. After 100+ problems are solved the tesuji won't be missed in the game. This is possible if everybody posts tesuji position from their own games. It is important to see the tesuji several moves ahead.
  • A collection of known honte moves in standard positions.
  • Yose repository. Knowing the value of the yose moves is a great help.
  • SL is not a good format for joseki. Yet, if there are some guys interested in it one can organize a workshop with "what is the next move" kind of problems.
  • Standard attack on standard positions and standard defence.

Klaus: The game you are posting is cool. Good stuff, ceep going!

HolIgor: Thank you. I liked the responce I've got for the fuseki part. The middle game is much more difficult. One has to read and count. Reading and counting in itself is not a problem, but the concern about the accuracy undermines the confidence.

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