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I first began to play Go around 1976 at the Berkeley Go Club and shortly thereafter at the San Francisco Go Club as well. In 1979 through a connection at the Berkeley Go Club, I went to see Japan "for a summer or a year" and have been here ever since. My involvement with Go has varied over the years as family and work have kept me more or less busy otherwise. I played off and on for more than 25 years at the Takadanobaba Go Club near Takadanobaba Station in Tokyo. Currently I most often play over the board at a small neighborhood club near where I live in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

Since late 2005 I have played every weekend in one or another of two amateur study groups, one at the Nihon Ki-in building in Ichigaya and one near Tokyo station. The Ichigaya group puts me in regular contact with several pros, particularly: Sakai Maki 8p, Omori Yasushi 8p, and Kawai Shouji 5p. They are always up for a few beers afterward.

I started playing on-line in the mid 90's in the usual places. I played on DGS off and on from 2002 to 2010. Currently my on-line Go is effectively limited to observing on KGS ('ez4u'). I am more active over the board.

From time to time I annoy people with this or that opinion on Life in 19X19, again as 'ez4u'.

I greatly enjoyed reviewing games for the [ext] Go Teaching Ladder (as "forfun", my original NNGS nic) which I think is a great resource. I strongly recommend reviewing other people's games as a way to improve. I find that I can remain more objective than with my own games. I also find that amateur games are more fruitful to review than pros. Professional Go is too high level for me. :-)

I am a GoGoD/Kombilo addict and firmly believe that all truth and beauty (except for my dog, Cookie) appears in the Kombilo search results box. :-)

I can be reached at Dave99SL(at)spamex.com

I happened to view the SL front page in May 2010 and noticed the counter said there were currently 19,999 pages, so I could not resist creating this... Dave Sigaty / 20000th Page just because I could!

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