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Ongoing game 2 - Black cannot block  

After W1, Black tries to capture her stone with B2. White answers calmly at W3.

What should Black do next?

Black's block - variation 1  

If Black plays at B1, White cuts through his position with W2. Black has to answer at B3 and B5, otherwise he loses the six black stones on the left.

So, applying the proverb "Your opponent's good move is your good move" Black might try to protect against White by playing at W2.

Black's block - variation 2  

So let's assume that Black plays B1 here.

Next White plays W2.

Can you read out the ladder?

Variation 2 - the short ladder (5 connects)  

If Black uses B3 to capture the white stone, he loses very quickly. After W8 the black stones are lost.

Variation 2 - the long ladder (7 connects)  

If Black uses B3 to run, the ladder becomes longer.

Variation 2 - the long ladder (continued)  

After W4 Black's group is in shortage of liberties and Black cannot connect (White would capture at a).

So, Black cannot capture the original white stone, but instead has to save his own stones.

Ongoing game 2 - Black plays it safe  

Note that White still has some good aji around this area.


Lo! Behold AvatarDJFlux!! Praise to the Finder Of The Much Difficult Black Answer At 175!!%%% ;-)))

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