Fuseki Advice That Holigor Finds Useful

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Play on the boundary between your sphere of influence and opponent's sphere of influence. This seems to be natural but this consideration does not come to me naturally.

Proverb: your opponent's good move is your good move

Making a move have at least two possible equal continuations in mind. Miai.

If the opponent plays 3-5 or 4-5 in an empty corner take the 3-4 point immediately. This advice by a pro that I've read somewhere made has had a great impact on my results. Previously I used to be scared of replying with komoku, because it seemed to me that was what the opponent wanted. But waiting for further development did not pay off. As soon as I started to play komoku it turned out that the opponents do not actually know why did they play 3-5 or 4-5 moves.

(bugcat: I also heard the same advice. I think it might have been propagated by Fujisawa Hosai, who did regularly play the 5-4 point, but I don't really remember.)

This is not always the case - see automatic invasion at the 3-4 point --BlueWyvern
Do you mean the 4-3 point? It would seem strange to do a contact play on a 3-5 during fuseki

In his Daigo column Peter Mioch advises, in the case when you have a single stone separated from your forces by five or more points after 12 moves or so, to consider adding a linking stone. Great advice!

See also: shapes and connections

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