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Black can kill  

Black can kill; and the point to start the attack is the obvious a.

Main line  

When White plays atari at W4, Black faces the choice of connecting at white+circle or connecting at a.

1. Correct solution: under the stones tesuji

Correct solution  

Connecting at B5 is correct. After White captures at W6 ...

White is dead  

... she is left with a bulky five shape and B7 kills her right away. This is a nice example of playing under the stones.

El Draco: I wonder if this could be called under the stones, since the normal under the stones always seems to incorporate an atari in the captured stones' space. Else you could also call playing at the vital point after a bulky five shape has been captured (not six stones as in the diagram, but just the bulky five) as playing under the stones. The definition on the under the stones page seems to apply to both cases, though.


The important thing to see in this shape is the "hidden" bulky five shape of the black+circle stones.

2. Failure: ko


When Black connects at B5 he allows White to make a twisted four in the corner eye shape.

Warfreak2: According to bottom of the twisted four in the corner page, this is not actually what is meant by "twisted four in the corner".


Nevertheless, Black can get a ko out of it by playing as shown.


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