Cross-cut then extend

    Keywords: MiddleGame, Proverb

Chinese: 扭十字长一方 / 扭十字長一方 (niǔshízě cháng yīfāng)
Japanese: キリチガイ一方をノビよ (kirichigai ippou wo nobiyo)
Korean: -

The proverb cross-cut then extend (or the first to extend from a crosscut has the advantage) is somewhat misleading. There has been a lot of criticism that can be read at the /Technical Discussion page. A way to interpret the proverb is to reduce it to a not so common situation:

When there are no other stones nearby, extending from the crosscut gives the advantage

Some diagrams to explain.

Isolated crosscut  

An isolated cross-cut. Black to play.

It is tempting to play atari. Then connecting at B3 is a good idea. However, this strengthens White and weakens the lone Black stone. A ladder at a may be possible.


After the more defensive-looking extension it is White's turn. However, White has to make a choice of which stone to strengthen. This is in fact an application of the 1-2-3 principle: if you are going to strengthen at B3 in the previous diagram, why not do it at once as in this diagram.

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Bill: Right now this page seems too sparse. How much help is it to someone who does not already know the proverb? (I am commenting here because I expect to delete this note later. :))

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