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[ext] Michael Redmond's Go TV is the Youtube channel by Michael Redmond. As one of the few Go professionals maintaining such a channel, it's a unique source of reliable information.

The channel has a number of playlists, which we'll document here:

Go Proverbs

In this playlist, Michael Redmond picks 14 go proverbs. It gives professional coverage of these proverbs and the selection itself is also relevant. Moreover, MR gives more context to the proverbs, diving into actual positions or established patterns.

  1. Six die eight live and "basics of the second line"
  2. Fill outside liberties first
  3. Big eyes win capturing races
  4. Sacrifice two to gain tempo
  5. A ponnuki is worth 30 points
  6. Play on the point of symmetry
  7. Extend from a crosscut
  8. Sabaki starts with a tsuke
  9. Cut across the keima
  10. Capture the cutting stone
  11. Play away from thickness
  12. Approach from the wider side
  13. Leave room for an extension (making a base)
  14. Cover on the side with a kakari

Beginner Series

  1. How to play Go
  2. Playing on 9x9
  3. Good shapes for beginners
  4. Capturing races for beginners
  5. Making Two eyes for beginners
  6. 9x9 example game for beginners
  7. Playing on 13x13
  8. The ladder
  9. More on making eyes
  10. The net
  11. The snapback
  12. Throw in
  13. Playing on 19x19 part 1 and 2

AlphaGo against the world

This is a series of 60 games played by AlphaGo against 60 different top human professionals - which AlphaGo all won. Michael Redmond covers these games together with Chris Garlock as the jester.

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