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A discussion of how the proverb Crosscut? Extend! should be worded.

Should it be 'Crosscut? Then extend!' (HolIgor)

MortenPahle -- It should be really, I suppose, but that wouldn't work as a WikiName... I think I've seen it is 'Be the first to extend from a crosscut'. Anyhow, I thought that the message was clear ;^)

The way I have seen it is as 'When caught in a crosscut, extend'. (AndreEngels) I've known it as 'The player who extends first from a crosscut has the advantage' --FCS

How about, "If Crosscut Extend"? (Or "Crosscut If Extend" in Reverse Polish Notation. ;-)) -- BillSpight

Why not "Extend when Crosscut"or "Extend After Crosscut" or "Extend from Croscut" ? -- AdaGeek

As a relative beginner not already familiar with the tactic, I at first thought that this page was saying "First you should crosscut, then you should extend." May I suggest something fairly explicit, like "Extend After Being Crosscut" ? -- CEM

Scartol: I have some more helpful suggestions to drag this discussion out some more..

  • Whosoever Shall Extend First From Yon Crosscut Shall Emerge The Victor
  • Ya Best To Extend When Dat Punk Crosscuts You
  • Extension Is An Exemplary Response To The Crosscut
  • Crosscut: Extension Or Extinction
  • Zut Alors! Le Crosscut! Il Faut Extender!
  • When Your Opponent Crosses You, Use Your Hand To Extend
  • If Black Crosscuts, White Should Extend
  • If White Crosscuts, Black Should Extend
  • Smart Players Extend First From A Crosscut
  • Honinbo 3:13-17 -- And He spoke unto the gathered persons, saying unto them: "Verily shall ye encounter an opponent who shall embrace the tactic of the cross-cut. And verily shall ye recognize the urge to atari yon cross-cutting stone. But lo, although this urge be strong, stay thine hand, and instead, extend." Amen.

...and one more from All About Thickness. Stuart Dowsey, translating Ishida Yoshio, says: "Against the crosscut, extend."

By the way, this proverb is often completely false, it is very usual to play one or two atari when cross-cutted! :)

SAS: Yes. This is discussed on the CrosscutThenExtend page.
SAS: Although it's now been moved to the /Technical Discussion page.

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