Leela Zero

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Leela Zero
Author: [ext] Gian-Carlo Pascutto + ⩾ 56 [ext] collaborators
License: GPL
Category: player
Operating system: Linux, Mac, Windows
Reads format(s): SGF
Writes format(s): SGF
Stable Version: [ext] 0.17 (2019-04-04)
Development status: Inactive (Latest network: 2021-02-15)
Programming language: C++
Homepage: [ext] zero.sjeng.org
Can connect itself by GTP: yes
Strongest play: superhuman (2019-01)
Infos last checked: 2022-01-10

Leela Zero is an open-source, community-based project attempting to replicate the approach of AlphaGo Zero. It has reached superhuman strength. A Windows binary is available, a Linux(amd64-desktop/arm64-mobile) package is available, but it can also be compiled for Mac.

You can play against Leela Zero by using any GTP-compatible GUI. There are also web based software that let you review your games using Leela Zero.


Follow the instructions given at [ext] https://github.com/gcp/leela-zero.

For some Linux distros, e.g. Debian/Ubuntu, you can get LeelaZero via "apt install leela-zero -y", see [ext] here for more. After installed, you need a weight from LeelaZero official [ext] site to run it, and the run command is "leelaz -w path/to/weight".

Out of date:

For Linux you need to build it yourself, and you may be unable to build from release 0.17 ([ext] bug #2378.

(Could add tips here based on our experience)

See also LeelaZero / Patrick Traill on Linux for the tale of how he got the GPU running but ended up with a dysfunctional laptop battery.


Tournaments and matches

Online versions

Leela Zero v 0.16 is playing 19x19 games on DragonGoServer. It runs with a thinking time of 1 minute without GPU support. An update is currently impossible as, alas, version 0.17 does no longer run without GPU support. It's strength on DragonGoServer is 4 dan, due to high handicap games that it cannot cope with. Last Update: September 2020.

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