Keywords: Online Go

Author: BramGo
Price: free, but also has commercial plans
Operating system: all popular webbrowsers, also mobile
Development status: active
Programming language: javascript, Angular, Node.js
Homepage: [ext] ZBaduk.com
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ZBaduk is a [ext] website to play and study Go using AI.

  • Runs in all popular webbrowsers, without installing anything
  • Also runs on smart phones and tablets
  • Uses servers with multiple NVidia GPUs

Table of contents

Getting started

Visit the [ext] website, click Login. Underneath the login button there is a registration link (or click [ext] here).

Overview of tools

ZBaduk offers 4 tools.

  1. Bot
  2. Editor
  3. Smart Review
  4. Stored games

Smart Review


The smart review tool uses LeeLa Zero to review your go game records.


After opening the Smart Review screen, a popup appears to connect to a server. ZBaduk uses dedicated servers for GPU calculation.

Connection screen

You can just click the "Connect" button next to one of the servers. After connecting, just click the "Start" button.


This is an overview that shows the names of the different parts of the layout. We will use these names throughout this manual.

Workspace components


There are several ways, to navigate through game files.

1) You can use the navigation buttons underneath the board. 2) You can click the chart or the game tree

Basic navigation

Add / Remove variations

To add variations, you can simply click the board.

Add variations

To remove a variation, you select the start of the variation, and click the remove button in the general toolbar.

Remove variation

If you tried to remove a big branch, then a confirmation will be asked. This protects us against accidentally removing the wrong branch.

Remove warning

Use AI to analyze your games

To use AI, you should first be connected to an AI server. This is what the "connection dialog" was about at startup. To verify quickly whether you are connected, check the color of the connect button.

Connection status

Once you are connected, 2 buttons become available:

Connection modes

  1. "Analyze this" : gathers statistics for the game record position that you are looking at. If you navigate through the game record, the computer analysis will follow you, and will always calculate for the visible position.
  2. "Analyze full game" : gathers statistics for the entire game record, in the background. The goal of this mode is to gather enough data to create a smooth winrate chart. The winrate chart is useful for detecting big winrate swings, and thus can be used to quickly detect the losing/winning moves of the game record.

Reading statistics

Statistics are shown in a table, and as an overlay on the board.

Reading statistics

The winrate is always shown from the perspective of the active player. _(e.g. If black has a winrate of 40%, but it's white's turn, then it will show 60%.)_

The most prefered move is shown in green, the least prefered one in red. It will use gradient colors for values in between. Note: the prefered move is not always the one with the highest winrate, the number of playouts is actually more important as it gives more certainty of a win.


ZBaduk tries to adjust its user interface to get the most out of your system. It will re-arrange items to make the board itself as big as possible.

Having said that, on smartphones it can be clumsy to click the correct intersection. For this reason, the board will automatically zoom when you click it. This behavior is designed to be only active on devices with a small resolution.


Unfortunately, if your computer has a low-ish resolution, the system may also decide to put you on auto-zoom mode. This can be annoying. An easy workaround , is to zoom your webbrowser a little bit. e.g. using Ctrl +/- buttons you can zoom out to 80%. In most cases this is enough to stop it from zooming.

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