5-5 point josekis

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Index to pseudo-joseki presented here:

Responses to stone on 5-5  
  • From professional play:
    • a: pseudo-joseki 1
    • b: pseudo-joseki 2, 3
    • c: pseudo-joseki 4, 5
  • From Josekipedia:
    • d: pseudo-joseki 6, White can choose a peaceful or a fighting variant.

Andre Engels: Not much joseki is known for the 5-5 point, not only because it is played rarely, but also because common wisdom seems to be that a 5-5 point is better left alone than approached in most cases. Here are some variations that have been played by professionals more than once, and thus might be considered proto-joseki.

pseudo-joseki 1  
pseudo-joseki 2  
pseudo-joseki 3 (white 11 at a followed by black b or at c)  
pseudo-joseki 4 (white 11 at a)  

Actually just once this sequence, but I wanted it in because earlier moves in the sequence have been played more than once.

Shouldn't white 11 be at "b"? ~srn347

pseudo-joseki 5  

Chris Barnes, 2kyu? Back in the '90s, there was a rec.games.go newsgroup discussion that recommended a 3-3 invasion under the 5-5 stone. Has this move been seen in professional play?

  • Patrick Traill: I do not know about professional play, butJosekipedia as of 2018-03-06 gives this, with a peaceful variant at a and a fighting variant at b as below. The comment on 3-3 is "Usually this invasion point is the best, because it makes Miai of the extensions W3 and x (6-3 points)." attributed to Alexandre Dinerchtein(3p - Korean-Style Insei League 13.11.2010).
pseudo-joseki 6 3-3 invasion  
pseudo-joseki 6a 3-3 invasion, peaceful variant  
pseudo-joseki 6b 3-3 invasion, fighting variant  

AI analysis


Analyzing a whole board, where all other corners have the star point occupied in a diagonal fuseki, LeelaZero prefers entering at one of the 3-4 points then Black will play elswhere? after W3.


When Black kicks at B2, this is one local pattern.


Black can also surround at B4. After W5 Black makes good influence.


In this variation, White can cut at b.

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