Golaxy vs Leela Zero 2018 Match


Leela Zero played a 7-game match against Golaxy in 2018.

  • The match consisted of 7 games from 14th to 20th, April 2018. Regardless of the score, all games were to be played.
  • Time control: 40m+3x30s.
  • Handicap: floating handicap, handicap changes when one of the sides have 2-win advantage on the current handicap setting. Giving "N" handicap means that first N moves must be played on 6th line or higher.
  • Hardware: at first Golaxy had 10x1080Ti and Leela Zero had 4xTitan V but it changed throughout the match.
N White Black Date Handicap Result Game links
1 Leela Zero Golaxy 14.04.2018 Even B+T [ext] Yike English [ext] Yike Chinese [ext] go4go
2 Golaxy Leela Zero 15.04.2018 Even W+R [ext] Yike Chinese [ext] go4go
3 Leela Zero Golaxy 16.04.2018 Golaxy gives 1 handicap B+R [ext] Yike English [ext] Yike Chinese [ext] go4go
4 Golaxy Leela Zero 17.04.2018 Golaxy gives 1 handicap B+R [ext] Yike Chinese [ext] go4go
5 Leela Zero Golaxy 18.04.2018 Golaxy gives 1 handicap W+T [ext] Yike Chinese [ext] go4go
6 Golaxy Leela Zero 19.04.2018 Golaxy gives 1 handicap W+R [ext] Yike Chinese [ext] go4go
7 Leela Zero Golaxy 20.04.2018 Golaxy gives 1 handicap B+R [ext] Yike Chinese

There was some controversy beacause LZ team made several misclicks, hardware was uneven and also it was unofficial match (GCP, creator of LZ, was not involved) so for some people it looked like rigged match to prove Golaxy superiority - see [ext] Lifein19x19 discussion.

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