Which Pro Do You Most Play Like


kokiri I stumbled upon the following link:

[ext] http://igo.web.infoseek.co.jp/cgi-bin/shindan/personal.cgi

(DrStraw: Apparently this link no longer works. Does anyone have an updated link?)

It's a series of 20 statements, each of which you answer, yes, no, or not really depending on whether you agree with it. Then the machine tells you what professional player your style most resembles.

Thad From what I am getting from Babelfish, the first column is "I agree", the third column "I disagree" and I surmise the second column is "I partially agree". Is this correct?

kokiri - it's yes, no, neither in that order,

Unfortunately it's all in Japanese, but I have had a stab at translating the questions in case anyone's interested:

  • 1 I play at the star point more than at komoku
  • 2 I play on the 3rd line rather than the 4th
  • 3 I like to play territorially
  • 4 I play sanrensei a lot
  • 5 I like to pincer - (I'm not sure about this one is quite right)
  • 6 I like to expand quickly to the sides, rather than concentrating on the corners
  • 7 Where I can cut, I usually cut
  • 8 I play hane in response to an attachment a lot
  • 9 Where I can peep I peep often
  • 10 I invade a lot
  • 11 I play boshi a lot
  • 12 I try to concentrate on shape
  • 13 I try to concentrate on thickness
  • 14 I am confident at making life
  • 15 I look to defend my weak stones before attacking their weak ones
  • 16 I get involved in a lot of ko's
  • 17 I am confident at yose
  • 18 In the endgame, I take a lot of sente
  • 19 I like tsumego
  • 20 I'm not very good at calculating positions

then you hit the button and get something like:

診断結果…あなたの棋風は Player's Name 度80%です! 解説:厚みを背景に攻めて、優勢を確立する棋風

With a player's name, and then a brief description, or


which says it has failed to come up with an answer.

Apparantly it's 80% confident that I play like Kato Masao

Unfortunately, the player's name is also in Kanji, but if you cut and paste it in, I'm sure someone will be able to identify who it is.

Thad Several people complain that they are getting junk in their browser: both firefox and IE have entries in their View menus for "Character encoding". With a little looking you should be acle to set it to Japanese.

Here comes mine, hope someone can tell me who is it.

診断結果…あなたの棋風は小林光一度80%です! 解説:地を稼ぎながら逃げ切る棋風


I put one of the pictograms in search, and I've found that it's Kobayashi Koichi. Hope that I played MORE like him. Btw, what does the other things mean?

Fhayashi: mine is


Whoever this is, he has yet to be mentioned here in SL... Can anyone clue me in?

After a little google, I've find out that it's Yuki Satoshi (or maybe not...) RBerenguel

HelcioAlexandre I got the same.The text also say that you are a go player which advances briskly and attacks harshly.

Fhayashi I just figured out to use google.co.jp, and you guys beat me by a few seconds... Yuki Satoshi... pretty good looking guy. I was afraid I play like some of the funnier looking go players... I was a bit concerned at first, because I was looking at the Nihon Kiin website, scanning from the 9-dans down. I was thinking, man, the pro I play like isn't even 5-dan...

RBerenguel: Do you know what does the kanji in mine mean? and I used normal google, it does the work pretty well

  • Fhayashi I think it says something like you take territory and win in the end. Literally I think it says you take territory and escape, but I think the meaning is you win at the end.

Floris: I tried translating the page with [ext] Babelfish's online translator program. The output is really hilarious:

  • Question 1: The star is more than the small eye
  • Question 2: The stone goes to three wire than four lines
  • Question 3: To be conscious of area it is tend one
  • Question 4: There is many a thing which is struck in three binary stars
  • Question 5: The mosquito and others the れ る and the scissors it stops wanting
  • Question 6: It is the one which is struck briskly in the side from corner
  • Question 7: The place where it is cut off is the one which is cut
  • Question 8: The bill and others れ cod there is many a thing which leaps
  • Question 9: The ノゾ け る place is no ゾ く one
  • Question 10: There is many a thing which rams down
  • Question 11: There is many a thing which is struck in ボウシ
  • Question 12: In order to strike in shape, you have tried
  • Question 13: The thick move where it did thoroughly can be taken
  • Question 14: There is a self-confidence in シノギ
  • Question 15: Before attacking, that protect, it is prudent
  • Question 16: There is many a thing which is set up to コウ
  • Question 17: There is a self-confidence in ヨセ
  • Question 18: Final stage is the one which is struck with the helper helper
  • Question 19: We like to solve stuffing go
  • Question 20: The formation it is and there is no self-confidence in calculation

SnotNose: "Stuffing go"!!! That's fabulous!!!

Floris: Lol. I also got the results.

The diagnostic result... your chessman wind 90% is Otakedegree of hero! Explanation: Seriously considering shape, the chessman wind which it finishes to push with thickness

Utilization thank you.

Fhayashi: The limitations of automatic translation is not that funny. Let's stick to what the program thinks you play like. Apparently, you're 90% Otake Hideo, and play with regard to shape and thickness.

Tamsin: I had to laugh. Apparently, I am 100% Kato Masao!

Rich: Young or old Kato?

kokiri: as I said I cut a lot and attack before defending, I fear that it refers to the young 'killer' Kato and implies that I play like a typical bloodthirsty amateur.

KarlKnechtel: My computer doesn't support Japanese text, and the page HTML doesn't even specify the encoding, so I don't know how to convert this to the &##### entities:

  • f’fŒ‰*c‚ ‚‚*‚S•—‚’*z“x50%‚‚*I
       ‚2—˜—p‚ ‚‚‚‚€‚2‚‚‚‚‚**B

But apparently it's not very confident about my result? :/

  • DrStraw Did this question get resolved? I have the same problem.

The diagnostic result... your chessman wind 60% is degree of feather Naoki!

Explanation: Calculating area, the „*„„ finishes the chessman wind which

That's strange, I was sure I filled in the answers the same way the second time (when I went through Babelfish)...

Fhayashi: feather Naoki, is of course, Hane Naoki.
Hikaru79: Apparently, I:

診断結果…あなたの棋風は本田邦久度70%です! 解説:地を稼いで、シノギ切る棋風


Can anyone help me out? The only thing I know about that is that I am 70% like somebody... After using Babelfish, I think it's reffering to Seo Hisashi. Can anyone confirm that?

Jesse: You are most like Honda Kunihisa.

Acid?: I got�f’fŒ‹‰�c‚ ‚‚‚Š•—‚ŽR“c‹KŽO�“x80%‚‚�I ‰��FŽ—˜‚�dŽ‹‚‚“‚�‚Š•—

‚—˜—p‚ ‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚�B can anybody tell me what it is?

Alex Weldon: I'm 80% "forming Tetuya." Searching for "Tetuya" on Sensei's gives no result. Any guesses as to who this is?

Mark Wirdnam: I have a hard time answering these questions - I must concentrate more on what I play while I'm playing.... :-)

kokiri 清成哲也 - kiyonari tetsuya 9 dan n'est pas? see [ext] http://club.pep.ne.jp/Kansaikiin/kisi/file/025.htm

[ext] http://igo.web.infoseek.co.jp/cgi-bin/shindan/personal.cgi?v=1 has results for the answers people put

Rich: I got the following: "your chessman wind 70% is degree of 趙 virtueTsu! Explanation: The forcing attacking in the background, the chessman wind which is struck thoroughly". Can anyone help me out on making head or tail of it?

HolIgor: The first character is Cho, so I think your style is like Cho Son Jin's. Maybe Cho Chikun's but I don't think that Cho Chikun plays thoroughly.

kokiri yep. the last character in cho son jin, 津, is the tsu in tsunami, incidentally

Rich: Thanks; Cho Son Jin it is then. Shinogi and the territorial game is my weakest point, so I can rule out Cho Chikun!

Malweth Well... seems like I play like nobody, or at least I think that's what "The diagnostic result... as for your chessman wind there is no corresponding person Utilization thank you" means :D - too bad automatic translators suck so much (and VERY too bad I don't know practically ANY Kanji :).


診断結果…あなたの棋風は趙善津度60%です! 解説:強い攻めを背景に、じっくり打つ棋風


Looks like 60% Cho Son Jin

Phelan: I also got Cho Son Jin(80%), that much I could get, but what does the rest mean? How is his playing style? Can someone translate?

kokiri: You have a deliberate playing style, based on attacking strength.

jfc: this is fun! Here is mine ...

Japanese: 棋風占い 診断結果…あなたの棋風は山田規三生度40%です! 解説:実利を重視して逃げ切る棋風


Babelfish: The chessman wind fortune-telling diagnostic result... your chessman wind is Yamada correcting/rule three degree of raw 40%! Explanation: Seriously considering utility, the chessman wind which finishes to escape Utilization thank you.

Feel free to improve on Babelfish's translation.

HolIgor: Something like this. 40% like Yamada Kimio. Gravitatates to profit, cut and escape.

Mef: to jump on the bandwagon-




Or from Babelfish:

The diagnostic result... your chessman wind 60% is Kobayashi degree of Satoru! Explanation: With thick go, シノギ the chessman wind which finishes Utilization thank you.

GrandYan: Right, this is what I got.

診断結果あなたの棋風は山田規三生度60%です! 解説:実利を重視して逃げ切る棋風

That's Yamada Kimio if I am not mistaken? But, what does the other things mean?

aLegendWai: I know my style well. I am an aggressive and speedy player. Aggressive: I like to invade and confusing fight. I don't like peace. Speedy: I am a framework builder. I like fast development. I am influence-oriented.

One of my favorite player: Takemiya Masaki (武宮正樹)
One of my favorite opening: two-star, or three-star opening; Tengen-related opening (but I won't occupy tengen in the first move)

phantom: I suggest using [ext] Jim Breen's WWWJDIC to translate. I found that it worked pretty well for most of the examples on this page. In most cases it gave the full name of the pro, although in some cases, it gave a couple of choices for family name and given name, leaving me to guess at the correct combination. It doesn't translate the rest into complete sentences, but it seems to do a much better job at picking the correct word than Babblefish.

For the record, I play like 60% like Rin Kaihou.

Krit: My result is 70% Sakata Eio, so I think I'll include his games in my study from now on. I find it interesting that over 20% play like Cho Chikun.

solune?: My result is 70% like Takemiya Masaki.

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