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I'm a player from Thailand.

(updated April 2008) I have played go for almost 4 years. Now I am about 1k BGA. I'd be happy if I reach 1d. I like to try new openings and play from Go principles rather than the memories. but sometimes when my opponent doesn't follow josekis I just lose my cool. I admire the cosmic style (and want to be able to play it one day), however I'm still weak at making the most out of moyo. My Go is close to Taiji Style. I feel that mid-game is my worst area.

On a border of 1d/2d on kgs, I'm looking for a mentor 4d or stronger and happy to be anyone's (below 5k,kgs) mentor. I no longer have a lot of time to play Go.

sjd123: Hi! I'm 11 kyu on KGS and wandered if you could be my mentor to help me get into the single digit kyus. Please email me at or post a message on my homepage. Thanks.

Krit: Steve, I really wanted to teach you but I won't be able to. Anyway, I don't think you need me because you've probably gotten stronger now while I haven't.

EpicNaruto (16k): Hello, i would like to find a mentor and i think you would be a perfect teacher for me. I have been searching for a teacher since i started, and I have been obviously unsuccessful. My account on IGS and KGS is EpicNaruto. Email if you are interested, Thanks so much. If you know of anyone else who's looking for a dedicated student, please let me know or tell them about me. Thank you again.

Krit: EpicNaruto, I can review your games, I will drop you a message on KGS.

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