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I am returning to Go after 1 year of not playing, in which I seem to have forgotten a lot - especially Joseki, which I can remember almost not at all.


this is a phrase I like. Tazan no ishi - Stones from another mountain. It means to learn from another's mistake. My understanding is that it means that what another might regard as useless (mere stones, common as muck on one mountain) is useful to you (rare jewels on your own mountain).

岡目八目; 傍目八目 【おかめはちもく】

Oka Me Hachi Moku means, roughly, that when you are deeply involved in something, you may not see things that that are obvious to onlookers. The go application of this is that kibitzers may see things that the players themselves don't. I don't particularly agree with this in practice but:

  • 傍目, okame means onlooker, but 岡, oka, means hill, so okame could be somebody on a hill.
  • 八目 Hachimoku is literally 8 eyes, but 8 is often used to mean all directions much as we say things are scattered to the four winds (eg, 八方美人 or 八方睨みの龍). On the other hand 八目 also means eight points in go terms, or even 8 stones.
  • therefore it could be translated as from a hill, you can see in all directions or, with a little leeway, kibitzers' komi is 8 points, or if you don't like the alliteration kibbitzing makes you 8 stones stronger.

Some old Stats:

2004 stats:

  • IRL: 65 wins, 55 losses 3 jigo @ 2 kyu, UK.
  • IGS: 4k account, got on a winning streak, but didn't get bumped up to 3k, got bored, moved to kgs...
  • KGS: 67-47 @ 6k, ended the year with a 15 game winning streak during which my rank somehow fell slightly, I'm blaming the rank of this account on the fact i watch TV while playing...

2003 stats:

  • IRL: 42 wins, 42 losses (that I have records for, so approx) at 2 kyu, UK. European rating 1780ish
  • IGS: 42 wins, 52 losses at 4k* (with the occasional dalliance at 5k*)

KGS: [ext] http://kgs.kiseido.com/en_US/graphPage.jsp?user=tripitaka

Tournament History

  1. London Open 2002? 3k, 2 Wins, 2 Losses.
  2. Wanstead autumn 2003 2k, 2 Wins, 2 Losses.
  3. Letchworth, Summer 2004 2k, 1 win, 2 Losses.
  4. Welsh Open, Barmouth, June 2005, 1K, 2 Wins, 2 Losses, 1 Jigo
  5. Northern Open, Manchester, August 2005, 1k, 2 wins 4 losses


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