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Dieter: I'm surprised that today's reference for enormous moyo building, Yamashita Keigo, is not yet included.

Charles This is collated from pro comments on pros, of course.

Tamsin Any comments on O Meien's style? Surely he's being acknowledged as one of the biggest guns in Japan by now, with two Honinbo titles and the current Oza title under his belt.

Charles When he was in a match against Cho Sonjin, it was said that the public didn't take to the pairing, for reasons of style (if you believe that). They're both 'messy' players, but O is seemingly more original.

Vesa Found some example of the original style of O Meien.

jfc: what about Michael Redmond!?

choreck: Could John Fairbairn ,or others who know, add more players and more info here?

John F. I have expanded the list with about 100 more Chinese players and some more historical players - but only on the GoGoD CD, I'm afraid.<<

See also Which pro do you most play like?

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