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This policy discloses the privacy practices for Sensei's Library.

If you have further questions then either discuss it in the forum or contact Arno Hollosi.

What information does SL gather/track about you?

Log data: Log data includes your IP address, date and time, user agent, referrer, and the URL requested. It is generated for each page / each interaction.

Preference data: This data is stored when you set preferences and set watch status for pages. Among things like watched pages, size of edit window, last time RecentChanges was viewed (red line), etc. this includes your username and optionally your email address.

Edit data: This is data that is stored when you edit and save a wiki page on SL. It includes your IP address, your username (if set), and date and time of modification.

Blocked sites: This data is stored when your site gets blocked. The data includes your IP address and date and time when the block will be lifted.

What does SL do with the information it gathers/tracks?

Log data: Log data is only for used for troubleshooting purposes or in aggregate to analyze usage of our web site. Especially this data is not used to track user behaviour. This data is never disclosed to a third party. Note that it may be disclosed in aggregate form (web site statistics) in the future.

Preference data: Preference data is used to customize the presentation or to provide additional functionality such as watched pages. Note that unless you have an account this data is not stored on the SL server, but in a cookie in your browser. Preference data (especially your username and email address) is never disclosed or sold to a third party.

Edit data: Edit data is made public. It can be seen for example on RecentChanges, at the bottom of each page, or when viewing the page info & history. If you have an account then your IP address is not made public, but only disclosed to librarians. Although SL does not sell the data, it has no control over how third parties might use this information, apart from copyright restrictions. This holds true for the actual page content that is submitted as well.

Blocked sites: This data is only used for system administration and integrity and is never disclosed or sold to a third party. It is possible for librarians to view currently blocked sites.

The use of cookies

Sensei's Library does use cookies only upon your explicit request. Cookies are used for storing your login or preference information and are set to expire when the browser session ends (i.e. the browser is closed) or in one year, depending on your choice. Cookies are not used for user tracking of any kind.

SL does not use any kind of clear (invisible) graphics (web bugs, web beacons) to track user behaviour.


Sensei's Library tries to protect the data stored on its server as good as possible and strives for a tightly secured server. However, because of the nature of software and the internet we cannot guarantee that in the future no successfull break-in will happen. A break-in may lead to disclosure of all data stored on the server. We promise that we inform you promptly if a break-in occurs.

Short glossary

IP address: An IP address is a unique number assigned to your computer. Although the number itself is arbitrary, it is possible to find out which Internet service provider you are using and most likely in which country you are living. In conjunction with other data it may even be possible to identify you.

Cookies: Cookies are small amounts of data ("small files") that your browser is capable of storing. Usually cookies are used to allow sessions or user tracking.

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