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Plugin available at [ext]

Alternatively you may use the Keyword feature in Mozilla's browsers to add search features to the location bar. This solution gives a quick way to search Sensei's without using screen real-estate or requiring you to switch search engines between searches. (Nor installing potensially dangerous extensions from non-mozilla sites, though this one is probably safe)

Go to any Sensei's page and bookmark it under f.ex the "Quick Search" folder. Edit the bookmark by left-clicking it in the menu and change the following fields:

Now any input to the location bar that starts with "sen " will automatically go to the bookmarked URL with "%s" replaced with the term following "sen ". This allows you quick access to terms and pages at sites like Wikipedia, Senseis's and Urban Dictionary.

See [ext] for more information.

As an alternative to the alternative you can write a Firefox search plugin that uses google for your ends (although the accuracy of this is dependant on how well the site is indexed).

Something like this.

  1. Go to your Firefox profile directory (~/.mozilla/firefox/<random-string>/ on Unix boxes, (anyone got a clue for Windows machines, not got one handy)).
  2. Find the searchplugins subdirectory ~/.mozilla/firefox/<random-string>/searchplugins/
  3. Edit a new file called 'senseis.xml' and write something like this in it:
  <SearchPlugin xmlns="" xmlns:os="">
    <os:ShortName>Sensei's Library</os:ShortName>
    <os:Description>Sensei's Library</os:Description>
    <os:Image width="16" height="16">!3I96HAoZpucbEIyyFbaEihJAAASOMsKNiximaBZQbPhcLnjsH8o8A22/HlKwR1KBjoQ8MVCGKIkzFrLFvyNmeFO0EMMmmcWmxUkP2XQLeiYKL8IFSsPFBj7bz/TDnx3OBwqx5Y4AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC</os:Image>
    <Url type="text/html" method="GET" template="{searchTerms}&amp;btnG=Google+Search&amp;">

Restart firefox and it should work

(p.s. Can someone fix the display of that block of XML or at least upload it to a file somewhere? I've no idea how to persuade this wiki to enclose it in <pre> tags).

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