How Aliases Work

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Aliases are pagenames that automatically refer the user to another page. For example, Shicho is an alias of Ladder. If you visit Shicho you are directly taken to Ladder.

The referred page will list all of its known aliases on the left hand side, and provide edit links for them.

How to create an alias

Adding Pages. Start by creating a new page, and write in its first (and only) line the referred page name inside square brackets; e.g. Shicho contains "[Ladder]" as its text content.

Then set the PageType to "Alias" and you're done. After saving the page, try it out once, just to make sure everything works ok.

Note: SL does not support multi-step aliases such as page1->page2->page3. Instead you should make page1 a direct alias of page3. It makes no difference to the user anyway.

How to edit an alias page

Sometimes it may be desirable to edit an alias page. Two typical reasons are: to make it an alias to some other page, and to change it to a non-alias page with suitable page contents.

To edit an alias page:

  • Go to the page whose alias you want to edit.
  • On the left panel, under "Aliases (info)", click on the name of the alias page you want to edit.
  • Click on the "Edit Page" link on the top bar.
  • Make your edits. If you no longer want this page to be an alias page, remember to change its PageType. Then save the page.

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