On The Fly Diagram

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On-the-fly diagrams differ from normal diagrams.

Normally, GoWiki (the SL wiki engine) creates each diagram as single image file, when you save the page. An SGF file for this diagram is also created, which can be downloaded by clicking on the diagram. When you remove the diagram from the page, the GoWiki engine deletes the image and SGF files from the hard disk.

When previewing edits to SL pages, as well as viewing archived pages whose diagrams are no longer on the hard disk, diagrams will be generated on the fly. Such a diagram is called on the fly diagram or simply OTF diagram.

Unlike normal diagrams that is made up of a single image file, OTF diagrams are made up of many small images - one for each intersection. Hence, OTF diagrams look slightly different from normal diagrams.

Other differences between OTF and normal diagrams:

  • OTF diagrams do not render the goban border.
  • OTF diagrams do not render the coordinates even if they are specified.
  • OTF diagrams do not render lines and arrows.
  • OTF diagrams do not support changing the starting move number, the first move will always be B1 or W1.
  • OTF diagrams do not render stones and intersections marked with triangles or crosses (black+triangle, white+triangle, triangle, black+cross, white+cross, cross).
  • OTF diagrams do not have corresponding SGF files that can be downloaded.

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