Tiger's mouth

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Shape

Chinese: 虎口 (hǔkǒu); 虎 (hǔ)
Japanese: 1st diagram 猫の顔 (neko no kao), 2nd diagram カケツギ (kaketsugi), 3rd diagram ワリコミ (warikomi)
Korean: 호구


Tiger's mouth  

This is the reference form of a tiger's mouth. In this form it resembles the mouth of a tiger, yet all symmetrical representations are also thus labeled. The shape is also called tiger shape.

As a hanging connection  

The tiger's mouth is most often used to make a connection known as a hanging connection. The marked stone is the hanging part. The other two stones block off a white stone.

Push through  

Pushing through with B1 is also called a tiger's mouth. After W2, Black will connect at a.

Further reading

Tiger's Mouth is also the name of a website for kids and teens set up by the American Go Foundation.

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